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48 Hours in Singapore Travel Guide

If you've been researching great places to travel, you've no doubt come across Singapore. This jewel of a city in Southeast Asia has been a hotspot for tourists over the last decade. From humble beginnings, it has grown into a prosperous place where many people emigrate and decide to work. This has created a thriving economy, which has made it an even more exciting place to visit. Today, you'll be taken through a complete guide to Singapore. You'll learn how to get there, what to do, when to visit, and much more. Strap yourself in and enjoy the ride!

Getting to Singapore 

Thankfully, transport to Singapore is incredibly easy. As mentioned in the introduction, it has a thriving economy - largely down to many business headquarters situated in the city. Therefore, the local airport is one of the busiest around, with many flights to and from other major cities. The chances are you will find a direct flight there with ease - at the most, you may need one change during your travel. The airport to look for is called Changi Airport, and it's actually one of the best in the world. It regularly gets voted into the top ten airports, and you'll see why if you go there. Ironically, this is actually one of the 'things to do in Singapore' because of how cool it is. You can also get to Singapore via train from Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur, and other cities close by. So, if you're already in the area, just know there are other transport options besides air travel.

Getting around   

Once you're in this gorgeous city, you need to know how to get around. Luckily, this is just as easy as getting there. Singapore has one of the best public transport systems in the world. The train and bus networks are all very efficient and affordable. You can pick up tourist passes for around $7 a day, giving you unlimited travel for that day. The train is probably the best way of getting around as it's fast and goes everywhere. Don't worry, most of the main tourist attractions have public transport links nearby. 

Where to Stay 

As you can probably imagine, there are a host of accommodation options in Singapore. In essence, your decision depends on your budget. You could stay in one of the stunning hotels around the city, but they tend to be quite expensive. Also, a hotel usually offers some restrictions, so it might not be ideal when traveling in groups. Instead, you could consider staying in a hostel to save a lot of money. There's a good sense of companionship in hostels, and Singapore is known as a prime backpacking destination. Thus, you won't struggle to find plenty of places to stay - and loads of new people to meet. Alternatively, there are a plethora of condos for rent in and around the city as well. This is a fantastic option if you want more privacy and flexibility. Condos also work out a lot cheaper than hotels over the long term while offering more amenities than a hostel. Realistically, the choice is yours! Think about your budget and who you are traveling with. As for the actual location of where you should stay - it doesn't really matter! Singapore is full of beautiful and safe neighbourhoods for tourists to frequent. A few of the best places to stay include Marina Bay, Orchard Road, or the Historic District.

When to Visit 

When is the best time to visit Singapore? Again, this depends on yourself. The excellent thing about this city is that it is pretty much perfect all-year-round. The tropical climate means you're never short of warm weather, so it becomes a case of what do you want to do/see while you're out there? If the weather is your main priority, you should visit between November and June. This is where you get the hottest temperatures and the least amount of rain. For those of you that want to enjoy some celebrations, aim to go during the Chinese New Year. This usually occurs around February, so it's still in the hotter part of the year. Finally, you can go between the end of summer and the start of autumn/winter to avoid a lot of tourist traffic. As with everywhere in the world, the period between late August and October/November is a quiet one. People are back in school/university, so fewer travellers are flying around the world. The weather will still be great, but it should offer a more peaceful experience. 

Top things to do 

At this point in the guide you know how to get to Singapore, how to get around, where to stay, and when to travel. All that's left is to work out what you should do. Here are a few of the top tourist attractions to consider during your trip: 

Visit the Gardens By the Bay: This is the most Instagrammable spot in all of Singapore. You've definitely seen it - it's where the crazy Supertree Grove is situated, with the Cloud Forest. It's a beauty to behold, so be sure you come here during your stay. 

Go to Merlion Park: By Marina Bay, you'll find a park with a huge statue of a mermaid/lion. It's an iconic part of Singapore and one of the best tourist attractions. Come here for a wonderful walk and great views across the bay. 

Thian Hock Keng: This is the oldest Buddhist temple in Singapore, and it looks incredible. It's been restored over the years, but it retains some of its ancient wonder. Definitely worth seeing to experience a key part of Singaporean culture. 

Sentosa Island: You literally can't visit Singapore without paying this island a visit. It hosts loads of incredible attractions, including an observatory, Universal Studios, and much more. This is the perfect spot for solo travellers, friends, or families!

Naturally, there are many more things to do and see, but this gives you a taster of what's on offer for a 48 hour trip. This entire guide is designed to help you plan your trip to this wonderful city. Feel free to use all the tips and advice for a fantastic vacation.


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