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Sustainable Menswear Trends Worth Trying

Fashion can sometimes go out of style, but it can also be timeless. Ironically, the fashion industry has been receiving numerous criticisms from environmentalists about its earth-damaging manufacturing processes. Industry estimates reveal that the fashion sector generates a tenth of all the earth’s carbon emissions, and is the second-largest consumer of the world’s water supply. The fashion industry likewise uses too much plastic, further polluting the environment, especially the seas. If you love staying in fashion but care for the environment, too, go for brands that produce clothes, shoes and fashion accessories in a sustainable manner. Lean towards firms that practice environmental and socio-economical concern at all levels: from production, distribution to marketing.

Sustainable Essentials

Before rushing to your favourite stores to buy stuff, below are some tips on how to choose sustainable fashion products:  

- Go for clothes made from recycled or natural fabrics. They should be free from synthetic and non-biodegradable materials or cause too much waste that can cause environmental damage. 

- Check if the fashion brand practices sound environmental manufacturing processes. Dyeing clothes and other fashion products uses up too much resources and leaves waste. Besides being environmentally-conscious, check whether your favourite fashion brand practices fair trade and takes care of their workers, too. 

- When it comes to sustainable fashion, versatility and durability come hand-in-hand. By purchasing timeless and durable pieces, you’ll find yourself buying less and won’t need to throw out clothes, shoes and other items often. You can encourage recycling by giving these items away or selling them on second hand websites.

Private White V.C.
Private White V.C.

Sustainable Trends

After locking your sights on a specific model from a brand, use your fashion sense to rival the vibrancy of colours associated with autumn. Here are some sustainable, but fashionable trends to try out this winter: 

1. What’s Underneath Matters 

Have you heard of bamboo briefs? Are you willing to wear them? Because of technological advances in the fiber processing industry, bamboo underwear is ultra-comfortable to wear, hypoallergenic, and has odour-controlling properties. Try them and see how they stack up against your cotton underwear. 

2. Cool Ways to Keep Warm  

Keeping warm is imperative during winter, and you can choose from among the many coats, hooded jackets and parkas to keep you warm and cosy. Layering is the biggest fashion statement for winter, but more than anything else, it also helps you keep warm for the season. On some occasions, all you need is a knitted sweater. But dinner dates may require a more formal look. A fitted sweater with solid colours, paired with slim fit trousers, and mid-ankle boots, helps create a good first impression. Puffer vests and striped sweaters are taking the world by storm, with the majority wearing them in bold colours and layering them on top of long-sleeved shirts. You’ll find fashion brands that make vegan parkas and other outdoor apparel. Their coats are partly made from recycled materials, and they offer repairs and recycling services.

East Dane
East Dane

3. Denim Forever 

Dark and light denim jeans are always in fashion no matter the season. They cover your casual days when paired with a knitted sweater and sneakers. Worn with a leather jacket, it channels a James Dean vibe and makes you look like a rock star. Who says denim companies can’t be sustainable? Some brands encourage customers to have their old jeans repaired or returned for a discount on a new pair. 

4. Bold prints 

It’s go bold or go home. Big, colourful prints are making a comeback straight from the 70s, and they’re not only staples on the disco floor. Men are creating bold statements with wild colours this fall, and prints are making their presence felt in the streets. Certain brands promote fair trade by featuring vibrant clothing products that are locally sourced. 

5. Pumped Up Kicks 

Shoes can make or break your overall look, so it’s important to invest in kicks that can be used whether you’re gunning for that dapper look or a casual approach. Boots take the centre stage not only during winter but during early spring, while sneakers are comfortable to wear in autumn, too. Numerous global sneaker brands have raised awareness for environmental care via its more sustainable product lines which include sneakers and boots that are a staple for the autumn/winter season. Other companies sell boots that are made from natural materials and don’t use animal hair or hide. 

John Smedley
John Smedley

6. Bag It 

Your accessories complete your look and what better way to do it than to wear a manly bag. Sling bags are in this season, while man purses are out. An ideal bro sack should leave a bit of space for other stuff, after filling it with your essentials. You can also find bags which are made from recycled fire hoses and converted into highly stylish pieces. Besides being eye-catching, the bags are extremely durable, boasting of a lining that’s a mix of reprocessed black cotton and military-class parachute silk.

Being fashionable doesn’t stop you from caring for the environment, as more fashion companies are employing more sustainable production and distribution practices. From recycling to utilising natural materials and taking care of its human resources, the industry is revolutionising the way things are made in factories, to the catwalk, and on the streets.


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