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Bridgerton: The Watches Suitable for a Modern Day ‘Promenade’

Bridgerton has been the talk of ‘the ton’ since it launched on 25th December - over 63 million households tuned in to watch the Netflix period drama in its first 28 days. Inspired by Anthony Bridgerton’s trusty pocket watch and the eclectic mix of characters; pre-owned watch specialist Watchfinder & Co. has put their learned skills to the test to determine what each character would likely wear in 2021. Don’t worry, no spoilers here, just pure unabridged fantasy!

Anthony Bridgerton 

Anthony Bridgerton is a busy man. Juggling the responsibilities of taking over from his father as the head of the Bridgerton family, seeing his sister through her first social season, finding time to call in on his songbird mistress Sienna and still managing to drop by the gentleman’s club and take in a few boxing matches is no easy feat. Today, Anthony would rely upon something like the Jaeger-LeCoultre Reverso. With its interchangeable style, thanks to its reversable face, this watch can adapt to any social setting. On top of this the Reverso also keeps to the most accurate time, ensuring Anthony can continue to keep all those plates spinning a little longer. 

Jaeger-Lecoultre Reverso Duo

Benedict Bridgerton

Aspiring artist and all round dreamer, Benedict, is the second eldest of the Bridgerton siblings and yearns for something other than the endless society balls he finds himself attending. Benedict dreams of turning his artistic hobby into a full-fledged career, and soon finds himself looking outside of ‘the ton’ in order to achieve it. Nowadays, Benedict would likely wear something like a Franck Muller Vanguard. A watch brand that has enjoyed its own artistic journey. The Vanguard blends a classic watch case style with modern artistic colours and materials outside the normal canon of watchmaking – a perfect blend of watchmaking and artistry. How perfectly Benedict. 

Franck Muller Vanguard

Colin Bridgerton 

The witty and charming Bridgerton brother, Colin, may well have taken a liking to the newest young lady in town but his heart belongs to travel. A Patek Philippe World Time is the obvious watch choice for this aspiring globetrotter – one of the signature complications from the Maison and much sought after by travellers around the world. The World Time allows the wearer to track the local time of 24 capital cities simultaneously, whilst still being quintessentially elegant – much like any other Patek Philippe. It’s the indispensable sidekick for any would be grand tourist. 

Patek Philippe World Time

Daphne Bridgerton 

The picture-perfect young debutante who packs a punch! Daphne has been waiting her entire life to make her grand debut on the marriage mart and does so with such aplomb that she is named the diamond of the first water. But there is more to Daphne than meets the eye – beautiful and demure on the outside, but Daphne is also smart and determined and strives for absolute perfection. Much like the bejewelled work of the Piaget Altiplano which carries a complex manual movement encased within an exquisite case of white gold and diamonds. 

Piaget Altiplano

Eloise Bridgerton 

Certainly the most vocal of the Bridgerton household, Eloise is not one for pomp nor ceremony. Having no interest in following in the footsteps of her sister Daphne, she has an incurable sense of curiosity, a lust for education and has little time for the restrictive gender roles of the period. Eloise would be perfectly paired with a Grand Seiko - a Japanese brand known for throwing two fingers up at the rest of the watch world in the 70s when it fundamentally changed the status quo of the watch industry by introducing new and progressive technology that left many of its peers at the wayside. And whilst this titanium 43.5 MM is technically classified as a men’s watch… who is Eloise to be restricted by convention?! 

Grand Seiko Spring Drive

Lady Portia Featherington 

For Lady Featherington it’s all about show. From the brightest dresses to the tightest corsets, Lady Portia Featherington is entirely focused on keeping up with the Joneses and wearing her wealth and style (read: poor credit and broken promises) for the whole world to see! The Hublot diamond set Classic Fusion would be an obvious go-to for posey Portia, given its confident, unrelenting and flashy nature. This diamond encrusted device has the natural born will to dazzle all those who look upon it. 

Hublot Classic Fusion

Penelope Featherington 

The youngest and perhaps most vicarious member of Featherington family; Penelope is an intelligent girl with a sharp wit and kind heart. She would prefer to quietly sway near the perimeter of any ballroom rather than take centre stage. And whilst she is able to move through most social settings without stirring much attention or fuss, she is not one to be overlooked or underestimated. Penelope’s pick is the Jaeger-LeCoultre, ladies Reverso Duetto. This unassuming but elegant watch boasts two interchangeable dials allowing Penelope to blend in with any setting seamlessly. There really are two sides to every story! 

Jaeger-Lecoultre Ladies Reverso Duetto

The Duke of Hastings - Simon Basset 

Rife with scandal, intrigue and glamour, the new Duke of Hastings, one Simon Basset, is the most sought-after bachelor in London. His impeccable appearance, taste and style (although he wears too much black according to Lady Danbury) juxtaposes his distinct lack of interest in his title, society, or taking a wife. A true enigma. He is reserved and keeps his emotions close to his chest, but morally upstanding and values honour. The obvious watch pick for Simon Basset is a 2020 Rolex Submariner in steel and sleek green ceramic - a watch that is as sought after as it is scarce. Produced in very much finite numbers, the current demand for the modern take on perhaps the most iconic wristwatch ever produced far outstrips its supply, with waiting lists of up to 5 years long.

Rolex Sumatiner 126610LV

Queen Charlotte

The veritable tastemaker of London society, Queen Charlotte. It’s only fitting that a modern day monarch pick something made by the ‘Jeweller of Kings, and the King of Jewellers’ – Cartier. Exclusivity is the currency of luxury, so a limited edition befits Queen Charlotte – perhaps the baroque themed Cartier Tortue minute repeater. Produced in an extremely limited run of just 25 pieces. This classically designed wristwatch, in 18k yellow gold, is a true feat of watchmaking, and with its iconic chiming system it ensures all eyes will be on the owner! 

Cartier Tortue Minute Repeater


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