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Eco-Friendly Fashion Tips From the Pros

People are becoming more sustainable because we are now experiencing what must have been the effect of carelessness and mindless spending back in the days. Today, green is more than just a colour when it comes to the fashion industry. Businesses in all sectors, including interior design and landscaping, are showing support to different environmental movements. It's no surprise that it also impacts how the fashion industry plays its role in society. If you wish to become part of a global effort to fight global warming and become eco-friendly in terms of clothes and fashion, check out these tips from the pros:

Understand your Fabrics 

One of the easiest ways to say that you are helping the environment and are turning your fashion sense into an eco-friendly one is to pay close attention to what materials are used on the clothes you decide to purchase. As much as possible, try to avoid buying fabrics made up of conventional cotton and microfibres. Conventional cotton is taken care of by using a large amount of pesticide. Synthetic fibers like fleece and polyester are most likely to produce microplastic during washes and can damage our water sources. Experts recommend you buy clothes with natural fabric fibers. You can also purchase clothes that are made up of renewable resources such as bamboo, wood, coconut fiber, and more.

Buy Things That Last Longer 

When buying clothes it is best if you do not purchase on impulse. According to experts, it is worth investing in clothes that you really love, then pair them with stylish ethical sneakers so you can put your best eco-friendly outfit forward. In addition to that, buy one that you think can stand the test of time. The materials used are of high-quality and timeless. 

Buy Local 

With today's advancement in technology, it is now easy for consumers to purchase clothes anywhere in the world. While it can be tempting to buy a pair of clothes from overseas, it is better to be aware that doing this can impact negatively on our environment through shipping that worsens carbon emissions. Instead, buy clothes that are locally made. Not only you are supporting local businesses, but also your local economy.

Think Twice about Fast Fashion 

With fast fashion brands it's easy to score a £3 T-shirt. Little did we know that paying such a small price has a huge consequence at stake. Fast fashion companies are dependent on consumers' desire of constantly wanting a new look. Selling cheap garments that lose their shape after one wash escalates that desire to buy a new one. Plus, many of these companies still have an underlying unethical labor practice that has not yet been resolved. There are a lot of ways to make your fashion statement more eco-friendly. By simply checking the tag on clothing too see were it was made is a first big step in making a better choice. When it's good for the planet, good for the people, and good for businesses, it is already considered as a fashion statement that is worth turning your head to.


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