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What You Should Know About Making Your Own Coffee

Many of us love to drink coffee in the morning, and then there is the coffee from your favourite coffee shop that you often drink during your office break. Most of the time we drink instant coffee for breakfast due to its easy and fast preparation. However, we also think of recreating high-quality brewed coffee or espresso at home every once in a while. The good news is, there are various types of coffee-making equipment that can make a good cup of joe for you to enjoy. To enjoy a new and wonderful coffee experience at home, here we share some things you should know about when making your own coffee.

Invest in A Quality Coffee Machine 

It’s hard to let go of that coffee taste you've come to love. That's why you can still stop by your favourite coffee shop on a weekend or during your rest day. A good, cost-efficient solution recommended by coffee enthusiasts and experts from We Spill The Beans is to invest in a quality bean-to-coffee machine. It gives you the feel and authenticity of a barista-quality coffee by letting you experience the grinding and brewing of coffee before it reaches your cup. With this machine you can ground fresh coffee beans at your convenience and give a personal touch to your espresso, latte, and many more.

Select High Grade Coffee Beans 

The key to an excellent serving of brewed coffee is having quality coffee beans. The taste and aroma of your coffee depend on the kind or variety of coffee bean you choose. Your coffee taste and preference are also factors that can influence your selection. You may favour a fruity, nutty, or chocolatey taste, and there is always a type of coffee bean available if you know where to look. Your best reference is no other than the barista in your favourite coffee shop. They can make excellent recommendations or may even sell quality beans themselves. The type of coffee bean roast is something you will come to develop after several tries at making your own coffee. You’ll learn to know the type of roast you like and include it in your coffee selection checklist. Also, consider the roast date when you plan on storing your coffee beans. A good rule of thumb is to buy enough beans to last for the week. Coffee has a short shelf life and storing it for a longer time will affect its quality and taste. 

Invest in a Measuring Scale 

Accuracy is another essential factor in making consistent barista-quality coffee at home. The secret to why you always get the same great coffee taste from your favourite coffee shop is because the folks there measure the exact weight and amount of coffee beans needed every time they make a brew. There are many small and inexpensive scales you can use. Since your home coffee maker has less capacity (6 cups) than commercial ones (12 cups), your coffee bean measurement should be only half of the commercial amount. For example, commercial coffee makers need 180 grams to fill 12 cups. You just need to measure 90 grams for your home-brewed coffee.

Operate and Clean Your Equipment Properly 

Another key factor to consider is the operation and maintenance of your coffee-making equipment. If you are new at making your own coffee, you should follow the user’s manual on important procedures such as how many times you need to change your filter, the ideal heat settings, or the preheating process. You can get a decent coffee taste by following the manual and properly operating your equipment. Cleanliness is something that you should not aside. Your bean-to-coffee machine will produce oils after every use, and you need to clean them to avoid ruining the flavour of your next coffee. Also, rinse your paper filter with hot water for a smooth taste without a hint of paper. 

We have only covered some of the basics of making your own coffee. Nevertheless, it should be enough to build your confidence and try making a barista-quality coffee at home. Think of it as an adventure. Experiment with different coffee styles and discover the right brew that matches your preference. So make your own coffee, have fun, and enjoy every moment.


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