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How to Stylishly Dress up for Horse Riding

Horseback riding is a popular sport that relies on forging a special bond between the rider and their horse. Horses are intelligent, strong, highly aware, sociable, and sensitive animals. Not only does this sport help you communicate with one of nature’s finest creatures, but it also comes with its share of health benefits. For instance, you get to work on your core muscles, balance, limb strength, and posture. Whether you are a professional rider or taking up horseback riding as a hobby, looking the part is important. Practical clothes, accessories, and gear will help you have an enjoyable and safe ride. The key is to be comfortable because you need your clothes to allow for mobility while riding. Fortunately, equestrian clothing comes in many shapes and forms, and many fashionable items are waiting for you to try them on. On that note, here’s how you can stylishly dress up for horseback riding.


When talking about the most important items in your horseback riding arsenal, helmets come at the top of the list. Helmets are vital for the safety of the riders, especially in case of falls. They absorb most of the impact, protecting the riders from brain injuries. Luckily, finding helmets is easy; the key is to look for the right fit and size to prevent it from sliding or bouncing off your head. You should also make sure that the helmet you choose has passed shock absorption tests. You’ll find various designs and colours that will meet your needs and riding style. You can achieve a classy, timeless look with helmets that have a decorative trim. Choosing a basic black helmet can be a safe choice if you want it to go with any outfit. However, you can go for helmets with fun patterns if you are feeling adventurous. If you want a modern look, you can get a classic helmet with additional features, such as ventilation panels.

Flying Changes
Flying Changes


Riding breeches should be durable, and they must allow room for mobility. Properly fitted breeches are essential in equestrian fashion, as they do not tangle with the riding gear and equipment. Since you depend on your legs to balance yourself on the saddle and control your ankle position in the stirrups, breeches are particularly designed to boost your grip and posture. They come in all sizes for various body types. You can go for full-seat breeches with a strong grip on your legs or knee-patch ones. Breeches are a classic choice that can be beautifully paired with boots to give you a complete and authentic equestrian look. 

Riding Boots 

Sandals, sneakers, and Brogue shoes are a no-go when you are on the saddle. Whether you prefer the English or Western horse riding styles, boots are an essential part of your outfit to prevent slipping, falling, losing balance, or even getting stepped on. Typically, English boots have lower heels than Western ones. Ultimately, your choice of footwear is a matter of personal preference. As for the material, you can choose leather, cotton canvas, or vinyl. While the latter may be more comfortable, it may not last long like a classic pair of leather boots. This is why they are more expensive, but they are a worthy investment if you are serious about horseback riding.

Massimo Dutti
Massimo Dutti

Vests, Shirts, and Jackets 

When it comes to upper body clothing items, you have a wide variety of choices. It all depends on the weather and your preferred style. If you are a western film lover, you can channel your inner cowboy with a good old long-sleeve plaid shirt. But, If you want a simple English riding attire, you can wear any comfy shirt, t-shirt, or sweater. Keep in mind that when going on a trail, wearing bright colours is ideal for visibility. When the weather gets colder, a lot of horseback riders wear vests because your arms should be free during the ride. As for jackets, there are several options with versatile designs for riding. Coats are typically loose at the shoulders and their gussets make it easier to mount the horse because they spread above the saddle. For a refined look, your coat should be in a darker shade than the rest of your outfit. 

Like most sports, horseback riding requires special attire. The classic equestrian attire has always struck a balance between functionality and fashion. It also focuses on providing comfort and boosting endurance. With this guide, you now know about the clothing essentials of horseback riding to stand out while strutting on your saddle.


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