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A Simple Guide to Perfect Men's Footwear Options

Any fashion-sensitive man needs to complete their wardrobe with the right type of shoe for each occasion. There are many types of men’s shoes in the market for you to wear in different seasons and on different occasions. Having all the shoe options at your disposal can help you prepare for any event, any type of weather, and any activity. Check out this simple guide to finding all the perfect male footwear options:

The Sneaker 

You must have a pair of sneakers in your wardrobe. It is an essential type of shoe which you can match with most of your outfits. It’s a simple shoe, so its best to ensure it does not have any heavy branding or logos. Look for sneakers with thick treads and those with air-cushioned soles. Fashion enthusiasts also recommend that for these shoe types, you can choose unisex designs. Suppose you are settling for sneakers. They can be made of leather or any other material that imitates leather provided they don’t look more like plimsolls. For this type of shoe, versatility comes first. You can wear them in both the daytime and at night with shorts, chinos, and jeans.


The Oxford Shoe 

Invest in some black Oxford shoes. With it, you can be sure to look smart and refined. Restrict these shoes to formal occasions such as weddings, job interviews, christenings, and funerals. They are also a perfect fit for work too. Anytime you have your nice suit on, put on these shoes. You can match them with your black leather belt, watch strap, and briefcase as you head for work. This shoe has a professional closed-lace design, and the outside is often stitched in the vamp with a shoe tongue stitched separately. 

The Derby Shoe 

Derby shoes are semi-casual and you can wear with denim as easily as with your favourite suit. This type of shoe has its tongue as part of the vamp and is not stitched separately like the Oxford shoe. The quarters of these shoes are stitched to a joint on either side of the shoe vamp. Derby shoes have open-lacing. Ensure you lace it up correctly to team well with your chosen outfit. Your derby shoes can also be made from both leather and rubber to enhance the shoes’ durability and provide you with better grip in winter. This type of shoe is also welted and thus water-proof.



You need some leather slip-on for your formal dinner dates. Based on your preference, this type of shoe can be a tassel loafer or a penny loafer. You can go all in and wear both chinos and loafers. This shoe also gives you the option of wearing socks or invisible socks to show ankle. It can be the right shoe for you no matter if you're an outdoor lover, a fitness enthusiast, or a banker. It is so versatile that people from all social classes wear them. 


Work boots are a good option for the weekend. They're also a vital type of shoe for different terrains and the winter weather conditions. We recommend the laced boot with a double-liner extension to give you a smarter look. You can also go hiking with it. It's perfect if worn with tweed trousers and heavy-weight fabrics too. But if you want to opt with the cool or streetwear look, a pair of Dr Martens boots does the job.

Oliver Sweeney
Oliver Sweeney

The Espadrille 

This is an excellent outdoor shoe option. It is highly versatile and sturdier compared to flip-flops. They are very comfortable and suitable for short distances. You can wear them at the beach on the sandy shores and head straight to the bar. This shoe has a canvas top-cover that is breathable and covered from the front of your foot. You can wear them with shorts, chinos, or light jeans. Remember not to wear them with socks, though. 

All-Workout Trainer 

Need to go to the gym? You have many types of sneakers to choose from. Ensure your gym trainers offer you the best support in the gym and can protect your ankles from injury. There is a big difference between gym and running footwear, so make sure you're buying the correct model for your activity. 



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