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Handy Clothing Hacks for Stylish Men

Many men tend to struggle with staying stylish and keeping up with the latest trends in the fashion industry. For some, responsibilities and obligations get in the way. For others, time and budget are the main culprits. However, most guys just lack the tricks and tips to invest in comfortable and stylish clothing. Whichever category you fall under, here are some handy clothing hacks you could use to feel comfier and more stylish.

1. Don’t Let That Zipper Fly 

Sometimes the zipper to your jeans or chinos may decide to embarrass you while in front of your friends or with your partner. Perhaps you forgot to fasten it or yours is faulty. To save yourself from the stress, all you need to do is take the ring from your keychain, pass it through the zipper, and tuck the ring to the top button of your trousers. That zipper is going nowhere for the rest of the day. You should, however, make sure the ring isn't so evident. This will ruin the whole plan.

Master Debonair
Master Debonair

2. Invest In Quality Socks 

While it's a myth to some degree, we have all heard stories about men and their socks. Depending on daily mileage and the kind of work you do, foul smell and uncomfortable feet are common woes faced by many men. This is not to mention how torn socks can be incredibly embarrassing, especially when invited into a house where you have to take off your shoes. The best solution for these worries is to invest in quality socks. The folks at bulksockswholesale.com point out that there’s a huge variety of socks you can upgrade your wardrobe with for a comfier, healthier, and more stylish lifestyle. They range from dress socks to ankle socks, crew socks, and diabetic socks, just to name a few. The best pairs are made from a breathable and comfortable material that wicks off any sweat produced by your feet. The best thing about socks is that they can be easily purchased in bulk online, allowing you to save big. 

3. Loose Button and No Time to Fix? 

It happens! Sometimes you wake in the morning, reach for your favourite shirt, and find that it has a loose button and you are late for work. That can be detrimental since your whole look will be destroyed by the small fault. However, this shouldn't be much of a bother, especially if you have a woman around. All you need to do is get their transparent nail polish and put it on both sides of the button. Make sure to apply the coat on top of the loose thread so the trick can work.


4. Get Lint Off Your Cotton Clothes 

With cotton or woolen clothes, it is common to find them with accumulated lint. This makes the clothes look old while you may have actually on worn them a few times. If this is the case, you don’t need to worry or get rid of it. For soft cotton cloths, wrap clear tape on the parts you want to rid the lint from. Rub the tape, making sure it covers all the areas. The lint will stick to the tape and once you pull it off, it will be left appearing as new. If it's denim or clothes with stronger fabrics, use a used single shaving razor and make sure to shave the lint in one direction to avoid leaving any traces. Never use it on velvets or other softer materials as it will leave permanent marks or even spoil the cloth permanently. 

5. Rolled Sleeves Unrolling Themselves 

As a man, there’s a peculiar look in rolling up your sleeves. You look busy, energetic, and productive. However, sometimes they keep on unrolling themselves, which can make you uncomfortable and kill the style you are looking for. This should also not worry you as there is a trick that you can use and get your sleeves rolled up without unrolling. As there is no specific name to it, let’s call it the Double Fold-Over Method. All you need to do is fold the cuff until it hits the elbow pit. They will not unroll unless you unfold them. 


6. Sweaters Smelling Funky? 

It is common for people to avoid washing woolen and cashmere clothes as often as other clothes. They may, therefore, have a characteristic smell with time due to the regular use. This can make you feel uncomfortable or even the people around you. To get rid of the smell, you can throw them in the dryer with two dryer sheets. With the heat on low, the sweaters get the fresh smell of the sheets, improving the funky smell. The trick is also effective for pants and shirts. There is no need to be uncomfortable over something you can easily get a quick hack for. With the tips in this piece, any gent should remain comfortable and stylish in different situations. 

Private White V.C.
Private White V.C.


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