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What You Need to Know About CBD and Fitness

CBD is front and centre in the wellness industry, but what exactly can it do for fitness enthusiasts? Will it help you hike longer or push you to hit a new PB at the gym? Okay, so it’s not going to lift the weights for you, but that doesn’t mean CBD can’t help in other ways. Cannabidiol (CBD for short) is an all-natural compound that comes from hemp and won’t get you high. However, the most important thing to know about CBD is how it works.

Top 3 benefits of CBD for an active lifestyle 

CBD doesn’t overload or over-stimulate your body like many fitness supplements. Instead, it works alongside your immune, digestive, and central nervous systems to help them run more efficiently. A more balanced, efficient body can lead to several benefits for the budding athlete.

1. Assists in muscle growth 

The only way to get stronger muscles is by breaking down the ones you have so they grow back bigger and better. Fortunately, hemp-derived CBD may help with that all-important muscle growth. Preliminary studies suggest CBD can soothe excessive or chronic inflammation, a leading cause of sore muscles and poor recovery. 

2. Balances your mood 

The stress of modern living, work deadlines, and a busy social calendar can easily hamper our mood and focus. Researchers believe CBD oil could help smooth out the highs and lows of everyday life, keeping anxiety at bay. 

3. Supports restful sleep 

The key to an active lifestyle is consistent training. However, a significant hurdle for most adults is sleep, or more specifically, restful sleep. Early indications suggest CBD can influence our body’s natural sleep–wake cycle, undoing some of the damage caused by electrical devices, shift work, and late-night television.

What CBD products are there? 

- CBD oil: The most popular way to consume CBD. Take a few drops on or under the tongue before your next sporting activity. 

- CBD creams: While supple skin feels nice, soothing sore joints is even better for sporting performance. Keep an eye out for CBD-infused heating balms

- CBD supplements: Another versatile range that features CBD alongside vitamins, minerals, melatonin, and much more. Pick the one that best suits your wellness needs.


Supporting your fitness goals with CBD 

No matter which product you choose, always ensure it comes from a reputable source. Just like other fitness supplements, there’s a big difference between poor-quality and high-quality CBD. Look for companies such as Cibdol that independently test all of their products, so you know the exact ingredients within each one. Finally, the benefits highlighted above are merely a snapshot of CBD’s potential. There’s still a lot more to learn about the compound, but researchers, scientists, and wellness experts are excited about CBD’s future.


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