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Easy Ways to Make a Perfect Coffee at Home

A good cup of coffee can change your whole day. For those who work from home and make their coffee every morning, it’s important to know all the tricks for creating the perfect cup. If you crave an ideal barista-style Cappuccino, you’ll have to step up your skills and do it yourself. In this article, we’ll mention some of the best ways to make a perfect cup of coffee every morning, right in your kitchen.

The Process of Making Coffee 

There are great brewing methods that make the best home-brewed coffee just right. The most commonly used coffee machine is a classic drip coffee. However, lately, there’s been an increased interest in French press or Aeropress brewing techniques. The main ingredient that determines the taste and aroma of the coffee is freshly roasted beans. Finding a local roastery and buying your coffee directly from them will allow you to enjoy first-class cups of coffee every day. Also, look for vacuum-sealed bags as the beans stay fresh for longer compared to tubes or paper bags. With two major beans on the market, Arabica and Robusta, you can decide what flavour you want to pursue in your cup. If you prefer strong coffee, Arabica might be a better choice. However, as Arabica often comes with a price tag, Robusta is a good option if you drink your coffee with milk.

Always Measure Your Coffee 

Before you start to brew coffee at home, you should know that one of the secrets for making good coffee is a digital kitchen scale. Indeed, for the best flavour, it’s necessary to measure the exact amount of coffee. If you always use a bit more or less coffee and never measure it, you’ll never get to a point where the flavour is consistent. Unfortunately, you’ll find it slightly burnt and acidy. With that in mind, a general rule is to use 15 grams (it equals one tablespoon) of ground coffee per eight-ounce cup of coffee. For example, if you love to make a large coffee in the morning, you’ll need 30 grams of freshly grounded coffee. 

European Coffee 

In most European countries, a french press is one of the most common ways to make your morning coffee. When you’re grinding coffee for a French press, don’t grind them too much as the coffee might end up bitter. Once you have everything ready, put the coffee in and slowly pour water, and stir it vigorously. It’s best to leave the coffee for 4-5 minutes and then slowly plunge the press to separate grounds. You can add milk or cream, and you’ll have an amazing start to the day.

Pour-Over Filter Coffee 

Probably one of the best methods for making delicious coffee every day is a pour-over coffee maker. The process is simple, you just need boiled water and ground coffee in a glass brewer filter. One of the most important things in this process is to pour the water over the grounds to saturate them steadily. Start pouring the water in the middle and slowly go towards the edges. Using this technique rather than simply pouring the coffee, you’re extracting a lot of flavour from the coffee to get the best aroma. Fill the dripper with water and let it sit for about three to five minutes. Later, you can remove the filter and enjoy your morning coffee. 

Her Majesty, the Coffee Machine 

If your mornings are busy and hectic, a coffee machine will make them easier since it can make up to 12 cups of fresh coffee. And it doesn’t require you to develop a barista skillset. All you need to do is grind the beans until they have uniform consistency and place them in the machine. Don’t forget to turn off the coffee machine as soon as the brewing is done to avoid getting a burnt taste.

Make Every Morning Special 

Making great coffee is easier than you think. Once you start storing your beans right and measuring the amount of coffee before pouring water, you’ll feel all the nuances of the coffee aroma. While some people still prefer supermarket blends, even with a lower quality coffee, you can do wonders with a French press or dripping kit. With all the advice we’ve shared above about making a satisfying cup of coffee, you’ll know how to make it special every time. And once the coffee is done, adding cream, almond milk, or pumpkin spices will only make it more sublime.


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