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6 Top Hacks For Clear And Flawless Skin

If you are struggling with acne and you desire to have smooth skin, beware that there is no magic to it. You have to discover hacks that can get rid of acne and leave your skin glowing and smooth. With some basic skincare routines, and some home remedies you can easily and affordably have smoother skin. There are long-term strategies to beautiful skin such as lasers and injectables which can be quite expensive, but effective. So choose whichever strategies work for you, but prioritise these six hacks for clear and flawless skin:

1. Use Quality Skincare Products 

Wash your face with warm water at least every morning and evening, and every time you have exercised and have been sweating. When you wash your skin with warm water, your blood vessels vasodilate as your skin is naturally damp. Choose the best skincare products based on your skin type. Dermatologists at Averr, advise that you go for problematic skincare products such as overnight serums and nectar cleansers to help you heal your skin problems and leave smoother skin. Ensure you apply these products when your skin is still damp to increase the absorption rates of these serums and consequently increase their efficacy.

Tom Ford
Tom Ford

2. Treat Yourself With A Face Massage 

You can give yourself a massage or go for one at your nearest spa. If you have puffy eyes you can invest in an eye cream and use your fingers to gently massage under your eyes. As you gently press the orbital bone, you stimulate blood circulation in those areas. This minimises the fine lines under your eyes and reduces inflammation. A face massage can also stimulate collagen development and activate the efficiency of the skincare products you use on your face. Consider a face workout to help you strengthen your facial muscles. 

3. Always Rinse Your Face With Cold Water

If you find it expensive to go for facial freezes to sculpt and depuff your face, cold water can serve you justice too. After taking a warm shower, always rinse your face with ice-cold water. Anytime your skin needs a refresher, rinse it with some cool water. The chilliness of the water reduces your skin’s puffiness, calms inflammation, and tightens your skin, giving it a firm appearance. Avoid using hot water on your face as it can damage your skin and make it sensitive to the sun's rays. It encourages dehydration and weakens your skin barriers which prevent your skin from physical damages. Cold water, on the other hand, prevents exacerbations of any skin complications and calms it.

James + Jake
James + Jake

4. Clean Your Bedding 

This sounds too obvious but is important to emphasise. Your pillows and bedding can store a lot of dirt, oil, and bacteria from our body, clothes, the environment, and even our hair. All these can be a good breeding ground for acne-causing bacteria. Changing your bedding often can therefore lower your chances of having any breakouts on your skin. Ensure you shower before going to bed to encourage blood circulation which can help keep your skin moisturised. If you love face masks, change them and wash them weekly. Consider a silk pillowcase as it is not as absorbent of dirt and oil. Such a pillow can also help prevent any skin wrinkles and creases on your face. 

5. Use Gentle Cleansers and Soaps 

Using harsh soaps and cleansers can irritate your skin and worsen any existing skin conditions such as acne and rosacea. Gentle ones will clean your skin and give it a healthier appearance. Depending on the ingredients, these products can help nourish your skin and help you manage acne.

Photo: Sophie Daum
Photo: Sophie Daum

6. How About Using Moisturising Masks? 

If you have any blemishes and use exfoliators abide by your dermatologist's recommendations. However, if you want to facilitate skin hydration, moisturising masks are there for such a need. You can DIY your own mask using the products from your kitchen. Simply use some anti-inflammatory ingredients such as honey, lactic acid, avocado, and yogurt. Your skin will absorb a lot of vitamin B and essential fatty acids which can help your skin to be subtle and naturally hydrated. 

Simple hacks can help you maintain smoother skin. Always wash your hands before touching your face because they can carry germs which lead to skin irritation and acne. Ensure you sleep in a clean and healthy environment that can encourage peace of mind as stress can also make your skin appear unhealthy. Fine linen can also help you prevent wrinkles. Ensure your cleansers are gentle so that they do not irritate your skin. Cold water also enhances blood circulation and the result is hydrated and healthy-looking skin.


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