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What You Can Drink While Intermittent Fasting

The idea of stopping yourself from eating or drinking for long periods can sound pretty challenging for many people. Although intermittent fasting can be difficult and tiring at first, it has proven to have many health benefits for those who are keen on leading healthy lives. When you are fasting, you will need to stop eating for a set period that differs depending on your capabilities and the results you are after. To make it easier for you to track these periods, there are tons of top-notch fasting tracking apps like DoFasting. However, with drinking while you are intermittently fasting, there are certain beverages that you can and cannot consume to get to your goals. Here is everything you need to know about what you can drink while intermittent fasting for the best possible results.


The main thing that you need to drink all day long, even when you are fasting intermittently, is water. If the major reason you are following an intermittent fasting routine is to lose some weight, then water can work as a catalyst to help your body burn any excess fats. When you are fasting, your body is likely to feel a little heavy and you can experience some fatigue at first. By drinking a sufficient amount of water, you will keep blood flowing strongly through your veins so that you stay energetic. For those who fast intermittently to detox their bodies and start fresh, water will not only keep you hydrated, it will also help rejuvenate your cells and make your face look more nourished and vibrant, even if you have not eaten in several hours.

Apple Cider Vinegar 

Whenever people mention intermittent fasting, they often think of apple cider vinegar and its benefits during this process. Some of those who are just beginning their intermittent fasting journeys tend to ask themselves, does apple cider vinegar break a fast, or is it okay to have a couple of teaspoons of it while fasting? The answer is that the consumption of apple cider vinegar for those who fast intermittently is actually recommended as the acidity of it can help greatly in boosting metabolism and in encouraging fat burning. You do not have to drink apple cider vinegar directly with no dilution if you are not a fan of its taste. You can just add a tablespoon or two to a glass of water to take the edge down and still get all the essential benefits your body needs while fasting. 


There has always been some controversy regardless of whether coffee or caffeine as a whole, is good for the body. When you are doing intermittent fasting, you want to consume nutritious food and drinks to give your body that healthy boost it needs. Here, rational amounts of coffee and caffeine intake can actually be good for the body. If you have a glass or two of coffee a day or every couple of days with no milk or sugar, you will get all the benefits of caffeine without the issues that often come with too much sugar or dairy products. The same thing goes for regular tea and green tea as they are both filled with antioxidants that are good for your body when you are fasting. All you will need to do is make sure you have your coffee or tea with no milk or sugar so that you do not break your fast.

Almond Milk 

Letting go of dairy products when you are intermittent fasting can be one of the biggest challenges you face. To reduce the intensity of this issue, especially if you love adding milk to your coffee or having a glass of milk before bed, you can drink almond milk. This can work as a great alternative to regular milk when you are fasting, as it is all-natural and healthy for the body. You may feel like almond milk is a little sweeter than regular milk, but after a while, you will start getting used to it and probably be drinking it even when you are not fasting. Over recent years, intermittent fasting has become more and more popular among people who want to stay healthy and detoxify now and then. To ensure you get the best possible results out of your intermittent fasting experience, you need to ensure you are consuming healthy drinks and nutritious meals after breaking your fast. Make sure anything you drink during your fasting period has no dairy products or sugars in it so that you get all the benefits of the beverage with none of the harmful side effects.


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