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Top 10 Destinations to Visit by Private Jet

Travel is back on the agenda. You might want to think about choosing a private jet experience if you’re looking to get back into exploring the world before everyone else. The last year has made everyone focus on how they move around daily, and we’re sure to see that affecting the way we travel now that things are starting to open up again. Avoid the crowds and hassle of airports and travel in style and comfort with your very own private jet. With fewer touchpoints than a commercial airline, private jets are also a safer way to travel in the wake of COVID-19 as there is a lower chance of infection. Travelling by private jet also means you’ll be able to access more remote places that are off the beaten track and avoid all the tourists trying to catch up on missed travel experiences. We’ve rounded up our favourite destinations for you to travel to by private jet. For ultimate luxury, pristine, untouched scenery and of course maximum safety, choose from these ten destinations when you’re thinking of getting out into the world again.

1 - Grand Bahama Island

The Grand Bahama island is in the Caribbean. Situated west of the Great Abaco Island 60 miles east of West Palm Beach. Find your own personal paradise on this small but perfectly formed island.

2 - Laucala Island 

For the most exclusive and luxurious experience, you would be best suited to the privately owned island located in Fiji known as Laucala Island. This island only has 25 villas on the island, all designed to imitate a traditional Fijian home but with a more modern twist. You’ll be surrounded by wildlife and untouched scenery, providing you with the perfect island getaway. 

3 - St Moritz 

Often visited by the Swedish Royal Family, this luxurious resort can be found in the Swiss Alps and will provide visitors with the ultimate ski holiday in style. Not only does St Moritz have a reputation for being one of the best spa towns thanks to its natural healing mineral springs, but it also features several top-quality restaurants, shops, and hotels. You’ll have plenty to do here and arriving by private jet will cut travel times in half and provide a spectacular view of the town from above. 

4 - St Barts 

Are you looking to live like a celebrity for a week? This Caribbean Island is the destination for those most influential and well-known. Choose from various villas and hotels to stay at and hire a private French chef if you’re looking to avoid people on your trip. Private jets are required if you desire travelling to this exotic island as there is no direct way to get there. Failing that, you’ll have to go by boat or shuttle plane, which might mean missing out on some relaxation time.

5 - Easter Island 

Explore this UNESCO world heritage site in style. Take on the challenge of visiting each of the 1000 Moai statues dotted around the island, a piece of history left by the Rapa Nui people. Whether you’re there for the sites, a history lesson or divine cuisine, Easter Island never fails to impress those who visit it. It is rather challenging to get there which only makes the destination so much more special and exciting. 

6 - Bhutan 

Perhaps one of the most exclusive and hard-to-reach places is Bhutan. This Himalayan location offers one of the most unique and immersive experiences. The town has a rich Buddhist culture and is surrounded by legendary monasteries 2225 metres above sea level. Opportunities are available to explore the culture and surrounding mountain villages. Fly direct by plane and avoid the permit hold up that others will face in India. 

7 - Telluride 

This secluded ski town can be found in northwest Colorado and can only be reached by private jet unless you’re willing to endure the lengthy car-ride from the nearest Montrose Regional Airport. Fly into Telluride Regional Airport and enjoy one of the 300 days of sunshine this ski village receives while choosing to explore one of their many facilities, choices for accommodation and dining experiences.

8 - The Peloponnese 

If you’re looking for the most spectacular Mediterranean experience with a healthy serving of beautiful landscapes and culture, you need to visit the Peloponnese peninsula off the mainland of Greece. Known for historical sites such as Olympia and various other Greek architectural marvels, the island has something for everyone. With beautiful views, food and people, you’ll find that this is the perfect Mediterranean getaway. Arrive in Athens by private jet and take a quick helicopter ride right to your doorstep. 

9 - Velaa Private Island 

Velaa Island is a luxury island perfect for those looking to be treated like royalty while being surrounded by nature and all its beauty. Explore the various activities and amenities the Velaa Private Island Resort offers and get there safely and comfortably by your private jet transport. The island also comes with its yacht, semi-submarine, and spa, and you’ll be spoilt for choice when it comes to accommodation options. 

10 - Faroe Islands 

This European location is set in the Arctic circle, with over 800 miles of coastline stretching across 18 significant islands. Here you’ll be able to see the Northern Lights, fjords and beautiful mountains that make up the Islands. Explore the cultures and fall in love with the Nordic people and their ways. This location is perfect for adventurers and explorers and offers some of the most amazing natural sites and dining experiences.

So, if you’re looking for the perfect private getaway that will be both luxurious and breathtaking, any one of these 10 locations would be perfect for you. Travel in style, comfort, and safety by taking a private jet.


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