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6 Tips on Starting to Love and Appreciate Yourself

Illnesses come to us in many forms, and they are always unwelcome. Some may be physical harm, cuts, bruises, and internal damage. But the ones that are hitting us like never before are psychological, and they can be rooted in several things. The recent lockdowns and social distancing have only emphasised these troubles. Whatever your situation is, there are ways you can prevent and stop this, even with little outside help. Self-appreciation is one of the most important factors for overall mental health and such a thing depends mostly on you alone. So, listen to this advice and see how many of them you can use for your own wellbeing.

1. Establish a Pleasant Routine 

It is easy to get lost in the everyday chores of your life. Some people won’t even notice it but the routine they follow leaves a lot to be desired, so much so that it can even lead to depression. To fight this you should take some reactive measures. Routines are easy to plan but difficult to stick to, as our brains are hard-wired to follow old patterns. Taking gradual steps to make your day better by, for example, performing small, relaxing rituals in the morning or evening is how you can give yourself a better life. In the end, you might not be able to have a day completely as you want, because of other obligations, but whatever is in your power can be made pleasurable.

2. Science-Backed Approach 

This issue has been put forward by many renowned names in the humanistic and natural sciences fields. The trouble of finding self-worth can be solved in a number of ways, many of which are hard based on psychological studies. Things like changing your attitude towards yourself, taking coffee regularly, or upgrading your dressing standards, have a backing in science-based studies and the success of such a methodology has been proven. Even if you don’t lack self-appreciation it is a good habit to read some popular science magazines, as some can give you sound advice on how to better your life. 

3. The Necessary Nutrients 

Having a healthy diet is important for several reasons, not only to maintain a good silhouette. There are three major groups of nutrients the body needs for energy and growth, and a few minor groups that come in small amounts but are important too. One group that many people don’t intake sufficiently is essential amino acids. They are not produced in our organism but have to be brought in with food, as they are needed to build proteins and maintain a proper immune system. Animal products such as eggs and milk will have most of them for a healthy daily diet. Staying fit and well-fed gives a pleasant feeling and can improve our stamina and perception of ourselves.

4. Have a Healthy Social Life 

Social distancing has been confused with physical distancing in the previous period, and it shows. Many have been left alone and are feeling abandoned and desperate because of that. It has been known for a long time that everyone feels better when they are surrounded by familiar and trustworthy people. Maintaining a supportive and close group of friends or family is very beneficial to anyone, as we are social creatures after all. Friends boost our confidence and are there to lift us up when we are feeling down. 

5. Pick up a Hobby 

Hobbies are not only a great pastime but also a great way to make you feel proud of yourself. They make you achieve goals or craft items that do not have an economic value to you. It is purely the pursuit of perfecting a technique or enjoying the experience that is oriented towards you. Rock climbing, knitting, book club meetings… all are very wonderful hobbies that show that you care for yourself.

6. Learn to Say “No!” 

Something many people struggle with is giving a negative answer to other people’s requests and wants. Not being able to say “No” can lead to giving too many promises and pilling up on tasks that you cannot fulfill. Which later leads to anxiety and social issues, everything that can undermine self-esteem. Take note that if something like that is causing trouble in your life, it may be best to seek professional help, though in the more traditional way it would just be stomping your foot down and firmly saying “No” to what makes you uncomfortable or to what you don’t agree with. Not only is it better for the other side too, but it is a sign that you appreciate yourself over the whims of others.

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