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Prepare Your Wardrobe for Spring in 3 Simple Steps

Spring is just around the corner, meaning warmer days and brighter skies are ahead! As outdoors weather approaches, it’s wise to spend some time preparing your wardrobe for the season ahead. Luckily, with the right trends in mind, this is simple to do. Here’s how to prepare your wardrobe for spring in 3 simple steps.

Step 1: Assess What You Own 

To properly prepare yourself for the spring season, assess the spring outfits you already own. While some of your items may still be in season, others may be outdated and in need of a revamp. The perfect spring-ready wardrobe should reflect not only your style as a person but also your lifestyle choices. So, before you start shopping for spring outfits, ask yourself the following questions about your current collection: 

- Do your current clothes stay in line with 2021 trends? 

- Are there any changes you want to make to your personal style? 

- Do you feel financially comfortable replacing old clothes? 

- Do you have a new job that requires a more corporate dress style? 

With the above information, you’ll establish what you want to keep and what can be given to a better home.

Basic Rights
Basic Rights

Step 2: Create An Inspiration Board 

Now, here’s the fun part. Since you now know where you want to make changes, it’s time to allow your imagination to run free. Creating an inspiration board will help here. Firstly, picture how you want to look in situations like social gatherings and at work. Do you want to dress in bright colours or stick with neutral tones? Which materials do you have in mind? Do you prefer loosely fitted or tight clothing? As you let your imagination run free, blend your personal style and lifestyle choices to create practical, yet fashionable, looks. Once you’ve finished looking for inspiration, review your work to eliminate unnecessary duplicates or anything that doesn’t feel right. 

Top Tip: Don’t leave your ideas at the back of your mind where they could get mixed up or forgotten. Sketch the style onto a drawing board or use Pinterest for extra inspiration.

Private White V.C.
Private White V.C.

Step 3: Get Organised 

With an organised wardrobe and a style inspiration board ready, you’ll never lack inspiration on what to wear. However, if you are someone that never feels like they have any clothes to wear, organise your spring wardrobe with the following hacks in mind: 

- Sort by category: Sorting ‘by category’ means organising your clothes by type. For example, putting all t-shirts in one section of your wardrobe, followed by all of your trousers in another. Sorting clothes by category makes it easy to piece together a full outfit in an instant. It also helps you to establish if you need more of a certain type of clothing. 

- Sort by colour: Now, within the categories, organise your clothes by colour. This can either be done by following the colours of the rainbow, or grouping together neutral and bright tones. 

- Sort by wearing frequency: Sorting your clothes by frequency is ideal for wardrobes that have something for every season. Place the clothes you frequently wear in a place that’s easily accessible. Clothes you don’t wear often should go to the bottom or end of the clothing rack. 

With these three simple steps in mind, you have every reason to feel both confident and prepared for the spring season!


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