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What Equipment Do You Need for a Home Yoga Gym?

Are you already into yoga? Do you want to take your yoga exercises out of the local gym and into your home? Well, that’s a good idea. Especially since nowadays most gyms are closed and exercising at home has become the norm. That includes yoga workouts too. However, to exercise at home, you need your equipment. That's where yoga wholesale comes into play. Yoga wholesalers are companies that offer a wide variety of yoga products that fit your needs. In this article, we will take a deep dive into what gear you need to do yoga at home.

A Yoga Mat 

Of course, you don’t want to do yoga on the hard floor. You need a comfortable place to do your exercises. Therefore, you need a mat. A yoga mat to be precise. You cannot underestimate the importance of a yoga mat. Since there is a lot of sweat involved, you have to select the best quality to prevent slipping or body ache.

Resistance Bands 

Are you familiar with resistance bands? Well, it turns out that they are pretty good for yoga exercises. The resistance band will help to add more pressure to every movement you make during your workout. You can use them to make wide rows, donkey kicks, tricep kickbacks, etc. The resistance bands are small and portable. Therefore, no matter where you are, you can carry them along with you. They’re also cost-effective and highly versatile. 

Organic Yoga Mat Cleaner 

Hygiene is crucial for your health. Cleaning your mat regularly to remove fungi and bacteria is very important, especially if you will be sharing your space with family. You can use Rosemary or Blood Orange mat cleaners. However, on most websites, you will have to order the spray separately. Considering your clients' health, you can purchase a 10 litre Jerry Can for your studio.

Other products 

- Yoga wholesalers also have clothes made from cotton. They offer a wide variety, from plain designs to ones with Chakra symbols. Whether you need shirts, pants, or leggings, you are sure to get it here. 

- The kidney warmer is a unique item within the range of yoga products. It's ideal for all occasions to keep your kidneys and lower back warm during yoga and the rest of the day. 

- Yoga towels exist in two different forms; The PVC towel and The silicone towel. The former has an improved grip, while the latter is ideal for power or hot yoga. 

- Bolsters will help you have added support during your routine. Its height is adjustable by adding or removing fillings. They are made from organic products; cotton and buckwheat chaff. 

Good health is an investment like no other. In the current pandemic, we need to keep ourselves exercised, happy, and spiritually in shape. With the above-mentioned information, you can acquire all the tools you need for your home yoga studio.


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