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Ben Sherman Spring/Summer 2021 Shirting Collection

Just in time for Spring, today the British heritage brand, Ben Sherman, reintroduces the “It’s a Ben Sherman” shirting collection. Ben Sherman founded his namesake brand almost 60 years ago when he reinvented the shirt as an iconic fashion statement for men. He decided to revolutionise the shirt design, which had previously been worn only as a functional uniform to determine the type of job one held. People said he was crazy to design men's shirts in this way - who would want men's shirts in contemporary patterns, in bright and bold colour palettes and in an array of fabrications?

The innovative shirt designs were modern, colourful, and eye-catching. It is interesting how this capsule collection got his name: within the first decade of creating the brand, the founder noticed a distinct phenomenon. When worn, a Ben Sherman shirt would trigger the same compliment from friends - "That's a nice shirt!" and, without fail, the wearer would proudly reply "It's a Ben Sherman!"

By the 1970s, Ben Sherman shirts were in high demand and, on the wave of this success, a series of TV commercials were commissioned. The humorous ads featured Ben's relatable, witty sense of British humour, and the decision was made to include the unforgettable catchphrase. 50 years on, Ben Sherman shirts continue to embody the same authenticity, attention to detail, passion and creativity. Yes, it is a nice shirt. It's a Ben Sherman! 


Block Striped Shirt - £55
Block Striped Shirt - £55
Slub Madras Check Shirt - £70
Slub Madras Check Shirt - £70


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