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What Not to Do When You’re Dating Someone Abroad

Not many of us travel the world to find romance but there is still the potential to meet somebody while away. A short-term fling could do much to spice up our travel adventures, although there is still the possibility of romance, true love, and a life ever after in our newfound partner's arms. So, think about this when you're organising your travel wardrobe and remember to pack something other than your t-shirt and shorts. After all, you still need to look the part, no matter where you are in the world. But if you do happen to meet somebody when abroad, remember to heed the following when away.

Don't let the language barrier become a problem

Plucking up the courage to speak to a woman you like can be hard enough in your own country, and it can be even harder when you're travelling abroad. If you don't know the lingo, you will (quite literally) have no idea what to say, so you could be forgiven for not making the first move. But don't be shy. Try to learn a few helpful phrases before you get on the plane, such as how to greet somebody and how to introduce yourself. When you do start a conversation, It might be that the other person can speak your language anyway, so you might have nothing to worry about. But even if not, getting to know another, despite the language barrier, could add an extra layer of fun to your developing relationship.

Don't ignore dating etiquette 

Dating etiquette changes around the world, so while there might be some similarities, you should still take note of any differences. If you don't, your opportunity for romance might fizzle out on your first meeting, especially if you say or do something that offends the other person greatly. In some cases, not following the right etiquette could even get you into trouble with the law, such as having premarital sex in the United Arab Emirates. Be on your guard then and play by the rules. Check out this article on dating manners around the world.

Don't let your heart rule your head 

This applies in any country but especially when abroad, you need to be careful. The last thing you want is to fall head over heels in love with somebody because of their cultural exoticism without getting to know them first. You will only end up regretting your emotions if they don't reciprocate the same feelings, and that flight home will feel longer than normal. And even if they do share the same feelings, you don't want to encourage them to contact an immigration law office should you rashly decide they ought to drop everything to come live with you. You don't want to give up your life for the sake of an international romance either. So, keep yourself in check when dating somebody and think before you do something either of you regret. If you do hit it off, make plans to visit one another again, and schedule some Zoom chats when you're back at home. If there is the possibility of true love, then fine. But if not, you will be glad that you didn't do anything too hastily when away.


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