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7 Ways To Show Appreciation to Your Groomsmen

Your groomsmen do a lot for you on your special day. It's important to acknowledge their efforts with a gift of appreciation. Your wedding is just around the corner, favours are spilling out of their boxes and there seems to be a lot of fairy-lights and ribbons getting tangled up in the corner. Your bride is busy trying on her dress for the hundredth time and your wedding party is doing everything they can to ensure your special day runs smoothly. It’s easy to underestimate the role of your groomsmen amongst the chaos of planning. However, they’re not only there to look handsome in your wedding photos, but also to ease your nerves, help organise the logistics of the day and to keep your great aunt out of the cake until the appropriate time. From music recommendations to sneaking you a flask of ‘stress-relief’, your groomsmen are there to offer support in any way they can. It’s important to not let their efforts go unnoticed. It’s considered proper etiquette and courtesy to show your appreciation in one form or another – either through a physical gift, an experience or verbal appreciation. Below are some popular ways of showing your groomsmen how much you value and respect them, both as members of your wedding party and as your closest friends.

Pay for their rehearsal dinner 

It’s become increasingly popular for guests and wedding party members to pay for their own rehearsal dinner meals. However, this can be confronting if your financial situation is tighter than you’d like. Average rehearsal dinners cost between one to two grand in total. While having your groomsmen pay their share could cut down on that cost, it may not be the fairest of ideas. Therefore, offering to pay for their meal may give them some relief and also show them how much you care.

Give them a wedding keepsake 

As brides love showering their maid of honour and bridesmaids with beautifully-smelling or shiny wedding keepsakes, your groomsmen may also love receiving the latter. They may not be fussed about the smell or how glistening they are, but if you put a little creativity and thought into your gifts to say thank you, they’ll most likely cherish them for years to come. Gift ideas could include: A decanter Engraved shot glass set, Personalised pocket-knife, Personalised lighter, A figurine from their favourite film, Framed photograph or caricature of you and them, Sport-team merchandise, Their favourite alcohol, A watch and/or jewellery,  Gift vouchers (music, gift, an experience, food), and Games (video/board). 

Pay for their wedding attire 

Pricey items for groomsmen also include their wedding tuxedos and suits. While you may opt for a more affordably-themed wedding with simple white shirts and suspenders, if your heart is set on a more traditional look, each groomsman could be looking at approximately 100 – 200 for rentals, and anywhere from 200 to 5000 to buy. Therefore, covering either the entire cost or part of it could significantly help them out.

Moss Bros
Moss Bros

Take them to a concert 

There’s nothing like a concert to bring your friends together and let off some steam (or sweat). Whether before or after the wedding, taking your groomsmen to a gig could be the perfect way to celebrate your marriage and show your appreciation for all of their support and guidance. 

Play laser-tag or try go-karting 

Another popular idea is taking your friends to play laser-tag or to drive go-karts. If any quarrels did arise between you and your groomsmen during the wedding, this could be the perfect opportunity to safely and competitively air your frustrations. Taking the time out of your busy schedule to actively plan something for them, as they’ve done for you, will no doubt bring a smile to their faces and adrenaline to their bodies.

Have a ‘guy’s night out’ 

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that you and your groomsmen will need a night out to take the edge off either before or after your wedding celebrations. You could plan a guys-only pub crawl or even splurge on a fancy restaurant dinner. 

Verbally express your thanks 

People can sometimes struggle to verbally express their love and appreciation for someone. If you’re one of these people, your vocal expression of ‘thanks’ may mean so much more than simply a written note or gift.

Walker Slater
Walker Slater

If you think you and your bride have a lot on your plates, it’s important to remember how much your groomsmen have to handle as well. Although stag parties, rehearsal dinners and the actual ceremony and reception are exciting and extremely special occasions, they don’t just happen with a magic snap of the fingers. Your groomsmen put a lot of effort into guaranteeing a perfect day for you and your partner, and therefore it’s important for you to reciprocate those feelings with a physical gift, fun experience or kind gesture.


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