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Practical Gifts That You Can Give To Your Male Friends

Giving out gifts is a relationship etiquette that speaks volumes about how the recipient matters to you, that is why gift shopping can be exhausting and tough when you are looking to get the perfect present for a male friend. The hack to giving your guy friends a thoughtful gift isn’t to get him cheap souvenirs and quirky stuff, it is simply getting him a useful gift that will put you in his thoughts whenever he makes use of it. Are you going shopping for a birthday, Christmas, or anniversary present for that special friend in your life? Check out this handy list of practical things you could get him.

T-shirt Or Hoodie 

I know it sounds cliche, but it is a thoughtful gift. Imagine, giving him a limited edition t-shirt or jersey of his favourite soccer, baseball, or basketball team? Yeah, right! A hoodie could be the most thoughtful gift if it is water repellent and can be worn as essential outerwear for multiple seasons.


Hair Clipper And Beard Trimmer Kit 

A gift that will help him maintain his clean shaved, stubble, or full-on beard and groom his hair is definitely a practical and thoughtful present. A hair clipper and beard trimming kit are gifts that'll show your friend how important you are to him. Don’t hesitate to get it for him. The best part, it's not expensive. 

Watch Or Fitness Tracker 

This may be a regular gift for a guy, but it becomes a thoughtful and practical gift for a fashionista male friend, especially when you present him with one of the best automatic watches under $500. Trust us, these are some of the best deals you can find around. However, for a fitness-loving guy, you can get him a stylish fitness tracker. It would certainly make him swoon when he knows it can measure his sleep, heart rate, and oxygen level.


Bluetooth Speaker 

Don’t forget, men love sleek gadgets. A Bluetooth speaker is definitely a win-win gift. What makes this a thoughtful and practical gift is when your friend is a music lover and enjoys a good time. Then, the best souvenir for him might be a Bluetooth speaker that he can carry with him anywhere. You don’t even need to break the bank to get a Bluetooth speaker; they're quite affordable. 

Wireless Charger Or Charging Pad 

This is quite practical for guys. A wireless charging pad is something you could picture him using at the office or in his car, so why are you denying him that gift when you know it will make him remember you, especially when he hasn’t checked in with you for a few days. Time to guilt-trip him with a wireless charging pad.


Portable External Hard Drive 

This is the best gift for your tech-oriented male friend because external hard drives can never be enough. They always want to have multiple backups for files, codes, or gaming software. A portable external hard drive with one terabyte space will put you on his radar, even when he is experiencing a coder’s block. 

Cell Phone Armband Case 

Nobody enjoys having a tech accident that is avoidable, especially a cracked phone screen during a workout, so giving your fit fam friend a cell phone armband case is a practical gift. This is a gift that will make him remember you during his early morning runs while he’s jamming to his workout playlist through AirPods connected to the phone in the armband case.


Personalised Game 

This is a perfect gift for a game-loving friend. If your friend is a board game lover, you can get him the deluxe or limited edition of his preferred game. Also, if he is a computer game lover, there are many editions to choose from. Going through the experience of deciding on which one you will get for him is part of the goal of giving him something thoughtful and unique. 

Coffee Maker 

When you know how much your friend enjoys his early morning dose of caffeine, getting him a coffee maker as a gift is the most practical present you can give him. This one by premium coffee maker, Grind, is compact and looks like a work of art.


BBQ Grill Tool Set 

Your male friend’s preference is the key to deciding which gift works best for them, which is why a friend who enjoys grilling will appreciate a BBQ grill toolset. 

In conclusion, it is essential to know your friend’s preferences with accessories or hobbies, as this can help determine what is best suited to them. Gifts are a show of love, however, adding thoughtful choice and practicality to the present makes the recipient cherish it and you more.


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