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Emphasise Your Strong Style In 2021 with These Accessories

Style in 2021 is all about functionality with a little bit of escapism thrown in. Accessories are the fun parts of style this year for men. As is the nature of fashion, accessories really aren’t the main part of an outfit and certainly aren’t needed but we want and crave them anyway. This year is about having fun and keeping things easy breezy when it comes to style. The pandemic has resulted in limited outdoor freedom and many have chosen to start dressing down whilst working from home. In a lot of ways, it has shown the amount of fuss we put into style and a lot of it is very unnecessary. Coming to that realisation, brands have chosen to produce more clean-cut silhouettes and have opted to leave accessories as the bit of flair to an outfit. However, they still need to be useful, comfortable, and trendy without trying too hard.

Top Accessories of 2021 

Even though things have relaxed in terms of menswear designs in the fashion industry, you still want to show your sense of style even if it is on yet another Zoom call. You can find a happy medium with keeping your outfits simple but using your little accessory add ons to define your style. If you’re a watch type of person you’ll be happy to note it’s a never-failing win as a must-have accessory. There are always going to be some classic pieces that never lose their touch. These are pieces you want to gravitate towards. The others you should take in stride but don’t get too attached as they’ll be out of trend in no time.

1. Market Totes 

Market totes and other handmade bags are the latest carryall trends. It’s all about giving that relaxed, laid-back, natural feel. These bags have a homemade look to them that screams spring/summer. If you’re crafty you can try making one. You never know, if your creation comes out good you can even sell it. Now would be the perfect time to do so. Brands from all levels of budget have jumped on this train. 

2. Phone Pouch 

If you’re famous for losing your phone on a walk from the bathroom to the kitchen, then this one may be for you. It’s basically a purse for your phone that you can wear around your neck or shoulder and it’s super easy to carry. This is where functionality comes in. These handy little phone cases are compact and reduce the number of things you take with you throughout your day. You can store your essentials and be on your way. It makes for a convenient get ready and go type of lifestyle. The best part is you now don’t have to panic every day when you can't feel your phone as it’s most likely in your pouch around your neck.

3. Watches 

Watches simply don’t go out of trend. They are designed to fit any style and are classy pieces that are both useful and upgrade our style instantly. It doesn’t matter if your watch is made from a bungee cord as the band, something about them just adds a finishing touch to your overall look. You definitely want to have a few that you rotate to match your outfits on hand. You can find great options on Topwatch for both new and certified used options. You can find something that’s within budget but made from high-quality materials that last. A good watch is definitely an investment piece. 

4. Face Mask 

We have to be realistic, the face mask isn’t going away anytime soon. Though there has been some relaxation in the rules towards wearing face masks, it’s still best to wear them as necessary. The situation isn’t a certain one and things change from day to day. It’s better to have these on hand just in case. If you’re a brand type of person then you’ll be happy to know that even luxury brands are putting their creative spin on them. The concept is simple, use quality materials to make the mask more comfortable to the wearer while putting a brand logo on it. It’s definitely an interesting piece to have on the accessories list for 2021 but not surprising. You can still have these and show your style through the colours and designs.

5. CarryAlls 

As much mentioned before carryalls are the rage this year. They’re meant to be used to make getting around easier as they come in all types of varieties. You have a vest, harness, crossbody straps, bags, etc. All of these aim to make carrying around all of your things easier by utilising pockets and compartments while keeping things fitted to the body where possible. They’re fun and can definitely add a flair to any outfit. You can play with styles. Wear a simple jacket and pair it with chinos for a contrast that has an appealing end result. 

6. Bikes, Boards, And Bottles 

Covid has made people wary of using the various types of public transport. As a way to get around this, many people have taken up biking and boarding. These items are definitely a part of your style and a look into your mind. Another part of the go feel is the water bottle tucked away into your carryall or clipped onto your bag or bike. Staying hydrated has never been more fashionable. These particular accessories give the feeling of an adventurous forward-moving type of person, one to whom people can’t help but be drawn to.

Use these accessories to emphasise and play up your style without being too over the top. As a general consensus, people are moving towards more sustainable fashion. This means that fast fashion is losing its favour in the market. Try to avoid getting too caught up in these types of style trends. Take the pieces you love and make them your own. For those that don’t do much for you, don’t worry about them, you can try other accessories, silhouettes, colours, etc. to determine your signature style.

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