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Want to Dress Like a Pro Golfer? Here's How

Golf is not only a game of skill but also of form unlike other types of sports where players wear jerseys or specialised athletic apparel. Although there isn’t any strict rule on what someone should wear when golfing, you’ve probably noticed that all pro golfers have some sort of identifiable clothing swagger that gives them a distinctive and professional look. Also, don’t be surprised that much of how pro golfers look is contributed hugely by what they wear. With that said, if it is your dream to be a true golfer then you definitely need to dress like one. So, if you want to look good and be confident while playing golf, worry not because we will cover it in this blog post. With this being said, let’s look at some pointers on how to dress like a pro golfer.

Buy Proper Golf Footwear 

Truth be told, most golfers often fail to pay attention to the golf shoes they wear. Even if everything else is on point, wearing the wrong shoes when golfing can ruin your entire look. This is not to mention the possibility of injury, and discomfort when having a really nice game. So, choose a pair of golf shoes with comfort, functionality, and aesthetics in your mind. As evident at https://aecinfo.org, there’s a wide range of options of comfortable shoes to pick from for that pro golfer look. Some of them are waterproof and breathable, whereas others are specifically designed for various needs. For instance, women have their own collection, and diabetics also have a variety of awesome kicks to choose from. It is okay to get spikeless golf shoes if you typically play in warm and dry climate conditions. Otherwise, if you play in wet and muddy areas, then it’s professional to wear a pair of golf shoes that have spikes on. Also, don’t forget to maintain and clean your golf shoes regularly because dirty shoes only ruin your look when playing.

Wear Appropriately Sized Golf Shirts and Trousers 

To be honest, seeing a professional golfer in baggy trousers or shirts is almost taboo. All professional golfers wear trousers and shirts that fit them right. You will also realise that most pro golfers wear collared shirts. When it comes to trousers, nicely fitting trousers are the way to go. These should be made from lightweight fabrics such as chinos, but variations are also welcome. It is also important to point out that shorts and jeans are commonly not allowed except at golf courses that do not have strict golf dress codes. 

Make it a Point to Always Tuck Your Shirt in 

When playing golf, you should definitely try to look professional, sleek, and sharp. One way to get this right is by tucking in your shirt throughout the game. In fact, you probably might have noticed how pro golfers always have their shirts neatly tucked in during games. A well-tucked-in golf shirt also allows you to feel more comfortable during the game. Also, since a typical golf game lasts around three to four hours, wearing breathable clothes, with high moisture absorbance as well as UV protection goes a long way in ensuring you don’t feel hot, sweaty, and sticky while in the middle of the game.

Invest in a Golf Cap or Hat 

Golf is a game that can be played whether in the sun or rain. In fact, passionate golfers will still play as long as the elements aren’t raging enough to disrupt them during play. Even though, for you to play golf comfortably, keeping these elements away from your face is essential. This is why you need to buy an appropriate cap or hat. Instead of worrying about the harsh sun on your eyes or a light shower on a cloudy day, you should just put on your golf cap and proceed with the game like a pro. 

Don’t Forget a Belt 

Wearing a stylish belt can hugely enhance and transform your golfing look like a pro. A stylish belt goes a long way in accentuating both your trousers and shirt. However, to make you look even more stylish and professional, ensure the colour of your belt matches perfectly with other garments or it simply has a neutral colour.

Wear Quality Golf Gloves 

As a pro golfer, you might need to invest in some quality golf gloves to protect you from getting blisters and calluses on your hands. Additionally, golf gloves come in handy especially if your hands often get sweaty. Also, ensure you wear your golf gloves properly if you choose to wear one glove instead of both of them. For instance, you will realise that most left-handed golfers wear their gloves on their right hands, and those others that are right-handed wear theirs on their left hands. 

Getting dressed up for a golf game might feel a bit complicated, especially if you are not a pro golfer. However, follow the tips pointed out in this article and you will certainly pull it off like a pro golfer. Also, don’t forget to prioritise comfort and keeping your outfit simple, cohesive, and neat.


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