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Lean Greens: The Healthier way to Get Started in the Morning

'Drink this, it tastes like ****, but it'll make you feel better'. And it did. I pulled this quote from the Lean Greens website, and immediately it resonated with me. As part of my morning ritual, I make my girlfriend a green smoothie that we have affectionately referred to as our 'sludge'. 'How is the sludge this morning dear?' I'd ask, more as a rhetorical question. 'Tastes like ****' would be the common reply.

Naturally, my interest was piqued when I was sent on some Lean Greens products to sample. Firstly, I enjoyed the backstory of the founders on the About Me page. A married couple Tim and Sam Goodwin who have lived the journey of searching for a healthier lifestyle. Together they are still the heart and soul of the business and if you're engaging with their social media, you'll be speaking to Sam who handles the customer service and operational challenges of running Lean Greens.

So why should you entertain the idea of introducing Lean Greens into your diet? Lean Greens has 20 active ingredients including Wheatgrass, Spirulina, Spinach and Broccoli, as well as digestive enzymes and green tea. What are the chances you'll get to implement those into your diet on a daily basis? Firstly, the name and the branding are fantastic. It’s almost one of those names you can hear Peter Jones congratulate in Dragons Den. The website I found useful, transparent, and informational. The beneficial studies on the green food groups are weaved into some of the reviews and product information which you can find here.

The Taste 

It's designed to have a neutral taste, that gets progressively easier to drink the more you drink. As someone that does regularly make green smoothies, I get to cheat with adding some citrus fruits. An apple here and there. Always lemon, of course. Yet listening to another health specialist Vinnie Tortorich on the Adam Carolla show, I have learned how counter intuitive having these natural sugar fruits in your blend can be. I think the trick is, if it tastes good, then you're cheating somewhere along the line. I'll be honest, this didn't taste great for me first time round. But perhaps I have been conditioned to the feel of actual green spinach pulp. It does recommend drinking swiftly, which is good advice, and the taste has evened out on the more frequent servings I’ve had since.


Additional benefits of Lean Greens are that it's not always possible for me to have greens in the fridge. We all want to commit to a healthier lifestyle but sometimes life gets in the way. Lean Greens can work for me (and possibly all you self-smoothie lovers) for when I don't have the means to stock my fridge as adequately as I'd like. Or when the greens that have been left to their own devices in the troth of the fridge, are not only on the turn, but have formed their own ecosystem.

Founders: Tim & Sam Goodwin
Founders: Tim & Sam Goodwin

The Extras 

The shaker is convenient and easy to use with a graduated measure on the side. The additional supplements are evenly priced, and I've added these to my morning dose of Iron, Zinc, and Cod Liver. 


Peter Brooker

Peter is a published author on men's style, writer for the Metro Online, a huge James Bond fanatic and the host of our very own MenswearStyle podcast show.

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