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A Guide to Caring and Repairing Leather Products

Accessories play an important role in the fashion and style choices of men all over the world. While things like jewellery, ties, scarves and sunglasses are popular, don’t underestimate the power of a leather wallet. As Real Mens Wallets suggests, every time you pull out your wallet, you are making a statement. A leather wallet is a timeless piece and one that can add a bit of class and sophistication to any outfit. However, if you want your leather wallet (and other leather goods) to continue to look great, you need to keep them in good shape. With that in mind, this blog post is going to go over a few tips for caring for and repairing your leather products.

Clean and Brush Away Debris 

As we use our wallet, it will begin to get a little bit dirty. If you notice this beginning to occur, it is a good idea to clean your wallet. This can be done with a damp cloth and a brush, though there are some leather cleaners you can purchase, as well. The damp cloth is great for dry dust and other light debris that has found its way onto your wallet, and some gentle brushing can remove the more caked-on dirt. Some stains may be able to be removed with these simple measures as well. In only a few minutes you can go from a filthy wallet, to one that looks spotless. Of course, be sure to dry your wallet very quickly after cleaning it. Be sure to do this naturally, by blotting it with a dry cloth or paper towel. If you use artificial heat like a blow dryer to dry it off, it has the potential to damage the leather.

Oliver Co. London
Oliver Co. London

Conditioning Your Leather 

While cleanings are great for those small imperfections, every now and then, you will need to condition the leather. About once every six months, you should condition your leather goods to replace the oils in the leather. These are generally depleted through things like heat and wear over time. If you never re-condition your leather, it can often appear incredibly stiff, dried out and cracked. Simply apply a bit of conditioner to a cloth, and begin rubbing it in circular motions onto the leather product. Make sure it is evenly distributed to restore the leather back to its former glory. In addition to helping leather look more moisturised and brand new, conditioning can also get rid of large surface stains that a simple cleaning job may not be able to.

Treat Them Well 

One of the best ways to help keep leather products fresh and looking their best is to simply treat them well. Avoid letting your leather be exposed to water, keep it away from things that could scratch it like jewellery or sharp surfaces. If you have a leather bag or wallet, be sure not to overfill it. Leather can stretch over time, and can lose its original shape. Also, if you have a leather wallet, avoid sitting on it in your back pocket, as well. In addition to watching how you use them, be sure to store leather safely and carefully. You should generally keep leather in a dark and cool space, and preferably in a dust bag or other container to prevent dust, dirt and other potential airborne debris from reaching the leather. Of course, make sure the bag you store the leather in is still breathable, as too much moisture can damage the leather over time in storage.


Your leather wallet can look good for years to come, but you need to keep it fresh. By following this guide to caring and repairing your leather products, you can ensure it lasts you a very long time.


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