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Advice on How to Get More Exercise and Stay Healthy

“Even when all is known, the care of a man is not yet complete, because eating alone will not keep a man well; he must also take exercise” - Hippocrates. That said, exercising is an indispensable part of our lives. How do you exercise to stay healthy?

Take A Walk 

You probably think that sophisticated exercises will keep you in shape and in good health. However, a simple activity like walking might be your ideal link to obtaining your fitness goals. Walking develops your bones and muscles as well as alleviates stress. While walking, you should: 

- Make sure that you are looking forward with your head up. Do not look downwards. 

- Relax your back, shoulders, and neck. 

- Allow your arms to swing freely, whereas your elbows should have a slight bend. 

- Walk with your back straight and your stomach slightly tightened. 

- Walk smoothly starting with your heels and landing on your toes. 

However, after some days, walking around your neighbourhood may prove to be tedious and cumbersome. To avoid this, you need to come up with ways to make it fun. You can download apps that help you track your steps. Moreover, some apps turn your walk into adventures or quests. You can also get into a habit of listening to music or your favourite podcasts as you walk. Furthermore, you can have alternating periods of brisk walking with slow walking to make it less monotonous.

Dance Your Way To Fitness 

Here is a form of exercise that requires little planning and payment. You can dance in the comfort of your living room, bedroom, or literally anywhere that allows you to move freely. Did you know that dancing has many health benefits such as developing your cognitive functioning, maintaining the right posture, and countering dementia? Dancing above all has a way of improving your mood hence keeping your emotional health in check. This form of exercise has no specific steps to follow. If you are doing it for professional purposes, you might need to take a class. However, if you want to make it part of your routine exercise, turn on your favourite music channel and dance away. 

Skipping Rope 

You have been jumping rope since your formative years in primary school. Hence you need no manual to execute this art. However, as we advanced in technology, jumping rope as a form of exercise has also experienced changes. You need to know which shoes are great for jumping and which kind of ropes help you exercise effectively. Good ropes turn faster and in a smoother way. How Should You Jump? 

- Go for a lighter rope if you want to perfect the art of jumping faster. 

- While jumping, minimise your upper body movements; relax your arms but bend them slightly. 

- Do not jump too high because your feet should only slightly leave the ground. This is not a high jump competition. 

- Slightly bend your knees. 

- Turn your wrists in small circles to avoid soreness. 

- Start slow with a few number jumps and in-between rests. 

Keep in mind that you do not need to overwork yourself in the name of exercising, you can gradually increase them with time. Remember, you are not out to kill yourself.

Escalator or Stairs? 

Have you noted the irony of having escalators that lead to gyms? You must be very disciplined in exercising to take the stairs instead of the lift or an escalator. Climbing up the stairs helps in building your legs and glutes muscles. Make it a daily habit to use the staircase to get to your office or leave the office for home. Well, unless you are in a hurry. 

Join A Sport 

Being part of a team will hold you accountable because sports call for regularly scheduled exercises. You also get motivation from your teammates, unlike when you are alone at home skipping 80 jumps. Besides, there are many health benefits of being involved in a sporting activity. They include: 

- It helps you in reducing weight. 

- It contributes to fighting against depression and anxiety. 

- It helps you to effectively coordinate your body, be flexible, and know-how to balance your body. 

- It improves your mood, especially when you win. Moreover, it trains you on how to handle failure.

Bike Riding 

Are you wondering how you could burn up to 400 calories in just an hour? Do you also want an exercise that will be gentle to your back, knees, hips, and ankles? Biking is the answer to your needs. Follow these steps to turn your biking experience into a workout effectively. 

- Do not curve your shoulders and constantly tilt your head to prevent a stiff neck. 

- Change your position on the saddle from time to time by either sliding forward or backward. 

- Relax your grip on the handlebar when the traffic is smooth to reduce muscle tension. 

- Have your back act as a pivot to minimise upper body movement. 

In conclusion, you can turn any activity into an exercise to ensure that young people are having more working out hours. Just ensure you are safe from harm and you are not overstraining your body. Be disciplined to maintain a steady excursion routine, but also take rest when needed.


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