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The Only Vibrator Designed for Him with Her in Mind

Are you a sexual explorer with a desire to bring your partner to new heights of pleasure? Do you want to shake up your usual routine and transform your sex life from good to great? Embark on an adventure of a steamy nature by adding an extra special something into the bedroom. And by adventure we mean the ground shaking, loud moaning, couples climax variety. Tenuto, the world’s only wearable vibrator designed especially for simultaneous male and female pleasure, is a powerful sex enhancer. The pleasure a vibrating penis ring provides to both partners makes it a great first sex toy for couples who might be nervous introducing playthings into the bedroom. Between its body-safe silicone skin, sleek aesthetic, adaptable design, and powerful motors, this product instantly hits all the right spots. Award-winning sexual health company MysteryVibe are also now holding a sale to get $60 off Tenuto for a limited time only. With benefits such as making your erection get harder for longer, hands-free pleasure, and enhanced partner play, why wait to add Tenuto to your nightstand? Featuring six individually programmable motors along the shaft, this wondrous vibrator pulsates from penis to perineum while simultaneously stimulating your partner’s labia and clitoris for the ultimate couple climax. 

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Beat the orgasm gap once and for all 

Given that the vast majority of women need clitoral stimulation to orgasm, and your penis doesn’t have a vibration setting, you may need a helping hand getting the kind of sensations she not only wants but needs for the best sex of her life. Tenuto transforms your member into a vibrator helping you provide both clitoral and G-spot stimulation simultaneously, for a climactic ending of epic proportions. Experiment with vibrations and sensations to find you and your partner’s favourite way to play - did someone say hands-free orgasm? Connect Tenuto to the MysteryVibe smart app and control all 6 of Tenuto’s motors, as you hit all the right spots with powerful sensations every time. Take control of each motor’s intensity in real-time to ensure you experience the ultimate couple climax time and time again. If you’re feeling extra adventurous, hand the smartphone over to your partner and let them control the vibrations from up to 30 feet away.

Maximise your performance 

The revolutionary adaptable design means Tenuto can fit a variety of penis sizes to ensure absolute comfort during foreplay and sex. Working like a traditional penis ring, it increases blood flow to get you to rock hard, stay hard, make you more sensitive and delay ejaculation for longer-lasting fun. Intensify your sexual connection as you explore your kinks and desires with Tenuto as it helps you and your partner become better lovers as you open up lines of communications and talk about exactly what gets you excited in the bedroom. The one vibrator truly designed for him, with her in mind will help you unpack stronger orgasms with Tenuto’s key features including:


- Adjustable design: Effortlessly flexible, Tenuto can fit a variety of penis sizes to ensure absolute comfort during foreplay and sex. 

- 6 individually programmable motors: Located all along the shaft, Tenuto’s programmable motors offer multiple vibration patterns, intensity levels, and stimulation points, generating waves of mutual pleasure from all angles. 

- USB rechargeable: Quick to recharge (via USB) and long-lasting, Tenuto’s battery can run for up to two hours at a time to keep up with you all night long. 

- Smartphone compatibility: Load the free MysteryVibe app on your smartphone to create personalised vibration patterns and control Tenuto from up to 30 feet away. 

- Water-resistant: In addition to being body-safe, Tenuto’s smooth silicone exterior is also water-resistant, allowing you to take the action into the shower. 

And Tenuto is on sale until 13th July 2021 for a limited time only - get $60 off Tenuto now!


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