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7 Tricks to a Perfect Summer Wardrobe Every Man Should Master

Who said you have to look vanilla and boring in summer as a man? Well, if you are fashionable (and you should be), there are plenty of hacks you can use to your advantage to pull off the perfect look. Are you ready for the ride? Buckle up.

T-shirts and Polos 

Summer without t-shirts is like Christmas without a Christmas tree-it looks odd. So a t-shirt is a must-have for the complete summer look. For a more fashionable look, be sure to also have a few polos. Polos are a perfect middle ground between a t-shirt and a button-down shirt, and you can wear them at home and work (when you want to look professional and feel relaxed). To maintain a good rotation and ensure you look good throughout the entire season, have 5-10 t-shirts and polos. When you are shopping for t-shirts, go for those made from Pima or Supima cotton. When it comes to colour, find a mix of white and light greys. It also doesn’t hurt to include a few muted summer colours of your choice. When buying polos, go for those made from t-shirt style fabrics such as Supima cotton or linen blends as they are often more comfortable to wear. The ideal colours are cream and light grey for polos, as you can mix and match with any trouser colour.

Son of a Tailor
Son of a Tailor

Lightweight jackets 

I know summer is hot, but it gets cold in the evenings, and you don’t want to shiver, do you? To enjoy your summer evenings, have 1-2 lightweight, unlined jackets. For a business casual look, go for an unlined, unstructured sports jacket. The cool thing with this jacket is you can wear it in the office and still go out on a date with it. When making the purchase, go for one made from tropical wool or a linen blend. Are you looking for a more casual jacket? A chore jacket is your best choice, especially when you are going out. 

Button-down long sleeve shirts 

You use these for work, and you should have at least three of them in your wardrobe to keep things fresh. When you are out shopping, buy a pale blue, white and striped lined or poplin shirt. For the perfect summer look, roll up the sleeves. While there are many ways to do the rollup, one of the best methods is the Italian method. Here you do the double over style that prevents the sleeve from becoming undone. To learn how to roll up your sleeves and get them to stay up, watch this video.

Form & Thread
Form & Thread


The caftan is a variant of the robe or tunic and has been around for ages, and over the years, different cultures have worn it. Often made with bell-like sleeves, the caftan is often ankle-length, and it’s usually made of lace, cotton brocade, or synthetic fabrics. You can wear the caftan with its matching trousers or on its own. When you are out shopping, pay attention to the material used when making it. Some excellent materials include: rayon, satin, silk, or georgette. You should also consider the length of the caftan. The outfit comes in all lengths, and it’s up to you to choose the most ideal for you, depending on your tastes and preferences. To learn more about caftans and how to buy the right one, visit https://kaftko.com/collections/summer-caftans 


The perfect summer trousers for any man are chinos and jeans. For colour variety and versatility, you should have 4-5 pairs of trousers in your wardrobe. Wear chinos for work or during weekends and light jeans for casual outings. When buying them, go for chinos made from lightweight cotton, as they are more comfortable to wear in the heat. When it comes to colour, stick with lighter neutrals such as khaki, olive, and grey. If you are going to wear chinos to work, throw in a navy chino, as it feels more professional. For jeans, the best colour is blue but if you are a clean freak, go for white jeans.



Like t-shirts, shorts are a must-have summer outfit, and you should have at least two in your collection. For variety, have chino and drawstring shorts. Chinos are more work-appropriate, while drawstrings are perfect for those lazy weekends when you feel like lounging around the entire day. Like with chino trousers, go for chino shorts made from lightweight cotton. For drawstring shorts, go for lightweight cotton and linen fabrics. For colours, go for grey or khaki chino shorts and navy or olive for drawstring shorts. There is a big debate about how long shorts should be but a good rule of thumb is to ensure they are 1”–3” above the knees. Anything shorter than this, you risk exposing yourself and if past your knees, it’s too long. While you can get away with wearing shorts that hit exactly on your knees, you will be treading on shallow waters as you can easily look like a dork. 


A man is heavily judged on their shoes, so you should ensure that your shoe game is on point. For that perfect look, have at least three pairs of summer shoes you can alternate throughout the season. You should have: 

Brown suede loafer: The beauty of the loafer is you can wear it to work and still rock it on your date night. When buying, ensure the loafer is unlined, so your feet don’t sweat too much. 

Minimal white sneakers: A while ago, white sneakers were heavily worn with casual outfits, but they are now finding their way into the workplace where most men are wearing them for the business casual look. Be sure to go for shoes that are made from real leather so they last longer. 

Espadrilles: These are the classic slip-on shoes with the signature rope sole. They are perfect for lazy and fun poolside lounging. For the perfect look, stick with those made from traditional lightweight canvas. 

When you are buying shoes, regardless of the type, ensure they are the right size. You don’t want shoes that keep coming off, do you?



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