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5 Questions to Ask Before Buying a Car in 2021

Whether you’re buying your first ever car or upgrading to a newer model, there are a few questions that you should ask yourself if you want to get the right car at the right price.

1. Do I really need to buy a car? 

Sometimes it can be more economical to lease a car or share it with a family member if possible - not everyone needs a car of their own, and you could save a whole lot of money by exploring your options before you go ahead and hit up the dealership.

2. Do I need a combustion engine? 

These days, the sales of EVs and electric car lease is more popular than it’s ever been before, so it may be worth considering whether you need a combustion engine, or if getting in on the ground floor with an eclectic vehicle would be the better option. This is a much more difficult thing to weigh up than you might think because electric vehicles tend to be more expensive to buy. If you can afford to buy an EV, chances are, doing so will serve you best financially in the long-term, but you’ll need to ensure that you have plenty of charging ports around you, etc. So, take your time and think very carefully before choosing between petrol or electricity. 

3. How should I finance my vehicle? 

If you aren’t buying your car outright, you’ll need to consider which finance option is the best for you. From leasing to personal loans, there are a range of options to explore, so be sure to check them all out, crunch the numbers, and go with the deal that sees you spending the least overall - it’s basic common sense really.

4. Do I want a new or used vehicle? 

So many people won’t even consider buying a used car, but the fact of the matter is, used cars are readily available, much cheaper, and many are almost indistinguishable from new ones, so they are definitely worth at least considering. Of course, used cars come without a warranty, so if you require that protection, and if you plan to keep the vehicle for at least 8 years - so you get your money’s worth - buying new can be the best option, it really does depend. 

5. Can I trust the dealer? 

Although the stereotype of the dodgy car salesman isn’t exactly as widespread as you might think, there are still plenty of dodgy dealers out there looking to make a fast buck in the car industry, which is why, if you are buying from a dealer, you should thoroughly vet them, checking out reviews and seeing how you feel about them before you make a purchase. If buying used, it can be more difficult to work out if the seller is trustworthy, which is why you should inspect the car thoroughly, or bring along someone who knows what they are talking about to do so. Happy car-buying!


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