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Need a New Backpack? Here Are Some Buying Tips

Backpacks are great essentials necessary at every given time, either for school, work or even travel. Ever since its invention, it always comes in handy for different purposes and different people. However, it can be challenging to choose a good backpack with great qualities and unique features that go in sync with your lifestyle to accommodate your essentials, keeping them adequately safe. Therefore, this article aims to educate you on the essential things to look out for when buying a new backpack bag.

What to Consider  

In an attempt to buy a bag, after coming to terms with your purpose of the purchase, the colour you have in mind, and if it fits your style, there are necessary things a good bag should have that should influence your choice while purchasing. Here are a few things you should do when buying a backpack.


Opt For A Front Loader 

In your bid to buy a good backpack, it is necessary to consider a front-loading backpack. Most backpacks are top-loading. This is more likely to stress or inconvenience you. For example, in a situation where you pack your keys and earphones into the bag, you will have to rummage around for ages as you scatter the bag in the process or even end up offloading things from the top to reach it. Front-loading travel backpacks are much easier to deal with. All your properties are within instant reach. This makes it much easier to organise your stuff. There are many excellent, beautiful, and stylish front-loading backpacks created by the finest backpack brands with your comfort as their priority. You get the best when you opt for them. Even if you're packing and unpacking your luggage regularly, you can keep things organised when combining a front-loading backpack with packing cubes. 

Choose One With a Laptop Compartment or Travel Organiser 

People who travel frequently are very aware because luggage can be treated with very little regard as they're often thrown around and abused. The chances of expensive and essential items getting damaged and small things going missing are very high. Getting a backpack with an adequately padded laptop compartment will keep your computer (or other electronics) safe, as the padding reduces the impact on your electronics and property. Therefore, an integrated travel organiser will make it easy to keep essential items such as your passport, phone, travel documents, spare batteries, in a reliable, safe, and easy-to-reach place.

Ucon Acrobatics
Ucon Acrobatics


Analysing the physical size when it's empty and full is one thing you should always do before purchasing. For example, does the pack have a rigid frame, or is it collapsible? Will the dimensions fit the standard airline size regulations for a carry-on bag when it is full? Or do you have to check it in before a flight? Therefore, while buying a backpack, ensure that it is big enough to carry all your things but not too big and bulky that it becomes a burden. Heavy backpacks cause several health challenges to the neck, shoulder, and back. 


Always have it at the back of your mind that the quality of a bag is directly proportional to its price. This simply means that to get a backpack of good quality, you have to pay handsomely for it. The last thing you want to experience is having your backpack tear open down the side, your zip starts acting up and not closing firmly, or the shoulder strap ripping off. You will end up with your stuff spilling out while on a bus or walking down the street. Some backpacks can cost as little as £50; others could cost a few hundred. It all depends on the brand and what you are looking for.

Carl Friedrik
Carl Friedrik

Security Features

Carry-on backpacks with security features included are the real deal, as it makes you worry less about the safety of your belongings. There are different security features implemented in backpacks; a couple of them are made of slash-proof material, making slash-and-run theft almost impossible. Furthermore, more efforts are put into securing the zippers as well. Finally, if they have little rings on them, it will enable you to lock your backpack with a travel padlock. It also means you can use the backpack with security accessories such as an extendable wire lock. These can be used to lock your backpack securely on a pole, luggage rack, or another secure point, which is especially useful for preventing opportunistic theft while you are resting or asleep. 

These are the basic things you should adequately consider before buying a backpack, as they are the more likely problems you may end up encountering. Take your time to access the product you are purchasing carefully. There’s no sense in buying what you’ll end up hating and not using.


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