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A Guide to Car Tyre Safety Advice

Your car tyres are not just black round items that came along with the car; they are an important part of your vehicle that should never be overlooked. Tyres are the only component that are in direct contact with the road, therefore it should always be made sure that they stay in a roadworthy condition. In this article, we have gathered a few tyre safety tips that will educate you on keeping your tyres in the best possible condition.

How Do I Take Care Of My Tyres? 

The secret to keeping your tyres in a good condition is regular check-ups. Visually inspecting your tyres play an important role in this matter. Look closely at the rubber of your tyres or touch the tyre tread to see if any foreign bodies are embedded in the rubber. If you do find something unusual, drive to your nearest mechanic and have your tyres looked at by professionals.

Monitoring Tyre Pressure 

Keeping a check on your tyre pressure is an essential part of your tyre care regime. Motorists emphasise on monitoring the tyre pressure for a reason, that being, it directly affects your fuel efficiency and control over your vehicle. Therefore, whenever you take your car out, especially for long journeys, remember to adjust your tyre pressure by either re-inflating or deflating your tyres to recommended levels. The optimum tyre pressure, suitable for your specific tyres, is usually mentioned on your owner’s manual. 

Seek a Professional When Required

Not every tyre care activity can be performed at home by you. Some tasks are meant to be left for professionals. This includes getting wheel-alignment done by qualified tyre service experts. Wheel alignment is a necessary part of tyre care as properly aligned wheels enhances fuel efficiency, facilitates a smooth drive, offers better control over your vehicle and results in longer-lasting tyres. Another task that should only be performed by professionals is tyre mounting. Experts that have proper training, tools and equipment should be approached for such matters. This is because any attempt to mount tyres with incorrect or damaged tool or incorrect procedure can result in a tyre explosion causing a serious injury.

Tyres are an integral part of your vehicle and should be well taken care of under all circumstances. However, do remember that along with taking care of your tyres yourself, do not forget to take professional help whenever required. Whether it’s about buying new tyres, tyre fitting or tyre replacement, you will find a lot of garages that offer these services at affordable prices. For instance, if you’re someone who’s looking for garage services in Birmingham, we would recommend you to visit Plume Tyres. You can buy quality tyres and avail expert tyre fitting service in Birmingham at Plume Tyres, under your very own budget!


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