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5 Wellness Practices To Get Your Head In The Golfing Game

Golf as a sport is more mentally demanding than physically demanding. Golf is also seen to help improve an individual’s mental health - a survey in 2020 found that 98% of golfers said that golf helped to improve their mental health. For those of you wanting to improve your golf game through mindfulness, Darren Clarke CBD has given their top tips for mindfulness to ensure you are in the right headspace before hitting the green.

Walk onto the course with a positive mindset 

Starting your game with a positive attitude can really affect your performance. A positive mindset is said to increase your energy levels and your brain’s cognitive function (how you think). Some ways to help improve your mood before your game include: 

- Listening to some uplifting music 

- Having a relaxing shower 

- Spending some time on your favourite hobby (aside from golf)

Stick to a routine 

Like with most things, having a routine can make you feel more prepared. The same applies to your golf game. Building a routine can really help you feel less stressed, allowing you to relax and focus on your golf game instead. Routines allow for any golfer to perform at their best both on and off the course. Routines can be beneficial for you before, during and after a game of golf. There are certain things you can include in your pre-game routine that will help make sure that you’re always well prepared for a game of golf. These include cleaning your golf clubs, having a healthy and balanced meal and stretching. 

Focus on what you can control 

There are things in your golf game that will be out of your control, like your opponent’s skills or the weather, both of which can affect your own gameplay. Focus on what you can personally control and you’ll feel more confident and relaxed before your game. Making sure you are well-rested, have a balanced meal, are hydrated and have ensured your equipment is in top condition, are all things you can control. If you focus on elements outside of your control, you're more likely to feel tense which can affect your performance and distract you during your game. If you can prepare yourself for the elements you can control, the unexpected and unpredictable elements will be easier to deal with.

Practice relaxation 

Physical tension can affect both your golf swing and your score. There are some simple techniques you can do to help keep your body loose. One thing that people suggest is to sit down and tense your muscles, starting at your feet then moving up to your calves, thighs, buttocks, abs, and so on. For each area, tense your muscle for five seconds, then release and relax for thirty seconds before moving onto the next part of your body. 

Set Goals 

Setting yourself realistic goals can help you improve your overall performance. Instead of trying to set yourself overwhelming targets, start with small achievable goals that you can work on in the near future. Setting yourself small goals that you can gradually work towards, can help you gain confidence and belief in your ability to succeed. It is very important to remember that golf is a mental game - your mind is probably your most important tool for a round of golf. These top tips will help you feel more relaxed and ready to go the next time you hit up the green.


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