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Things You Should Know About Skincare

When it comes to beauty and body health, skincare is the trickiest area to handle. Your facial skin is the most exposed organ of your body and yet one of the most complicated ones with layers and layers that need to be protected. If you are struggling with bad skin conditions and are clueless about how to fix your bad skin, these are some of the important things that you should keep in mind.

Have a Skincare Regime

Most people dread when they are told that clear skin needs a clear skin regime required to be followed religiously. People do not tend to take these regimes seriously because either they are lazy or too busy to do it. However, if you wish to have clear skin, a good skincare regime is a must. A good skincare regime involves a day and night routine. Your day regime needs to be done first thing in the morning after you wake up. This includes washing your face with a good face wash, followed by a moisturiser, toner, day cream and an eye cream. Likewise, a similar routine has to be followed before going to bed. In your night routine, add a vitamin C serum before your moisturiser and replace your day cream with a night cream. Besides your daily skincare routine, make sure you exfoliate your skin once every week. You can do that on a weekend. Exfoliation is not needed more than once a week. In fact, over exfoliation can damage your skin.

Pick the Right Products 

Speaking of skincare routines, make sure you choose the right products. Every skin type is different and reacts differently to every product. What works for one person might not suit another person. Educate yourself about your skin type and pick products that are made for your skin type. Most products will mention if they are meant for normal, oily or dry skin. Ideally, try to learn about different ingredients used in skincare products too and read labels to avoid using products that might not suit you. When buying products, make sure you read reviews and always buy quality products. Many people end up ruining their skin in a bid to save a few pennies. 

Always Do a Patch Test 

Many skin types are sensitive to certain ingredients. Often, a very good product that is possibly made for your skin type might still give you breakouts, allergies or irritation. It is very important that you always do a small patch test on your skin before starting to use the product regularly on your face. If you feel breakout or irritation on the area where you used the product, stop using the product. 

Avoid too Many Chemicals  

Chemicals are the biggest enemies of your skin. Try to stick to organic products as much as possible. If you are using cosmetics, try to stick milder products that are light on your skin. There are many other skin treatments such as bleach and certain types of hair removal products that are loaded with harmful chemicals. Avoid such products at all costs.

Avoid Sun Exposure 

UV rays from sunlight are disastrous for your skin. They can cause serious harm to your skin cells and can cause pigmentation issues. Over the years, the effects of global warming has made the sun rays even more harmful than what they were ever before. Avoid staying in sunlight unnecessarily and never step out without waring sunscreen. In fact, dermatologists today recommend to wear sunscreen all year round. 

Drink Plenty of Water 

Skin requires a lot of hydration. Water is a major source that helps maintain your skin cells. You can do your skin a huge favour by ensuring that you are drinking ample water throughout the day. Besides water, other fluids such as fresh juices, especially those from citrus fruits are a great source of hydration and have healing qualities. Having a glass of a fresh fruit juice is great for your skin. 

Don’t Touch Your Acne 

The temptation to scratch of acne, bumps and whiteheads on your skin is not uncommon. A lot of people cannot resist picking their acne. This is the biggest mistake that you can do to your skin. Amongst other things, picking your skin can leave marks that might never heal and you will have to live with it for the rest of your life. If you feel you have a breakout, visit a dermatologist instead of picking.

Avoid Too Much Makeup 

Men's makeup is on the rise this year. However, your skin needs to breath. When layers of heavy coverage formula continue to settle into your skin on a daily basis, they damage your skin immensely. Makeup products are usually loaded with harmful chemicals and colour pigments. If you have to wear makeup on a daily basis, try to keep it as light as possible. Avoid full coverage formula. Make sure to take off your makeup properly followed by a face wash, toner and a moisturiser before you go to bed. Dedicate a day or two in a week when you do not wear any makeup and let your skin breath. 

Watch What You Eat 

Your food intake plays a major role in making or breaking your skin condition. People generally do not put much thought into munching on greasy fast foods and end up with acne before they know it. Take a balanced diet and stick to food items that are rich in vitamins and have hydrating and healing properties. 

Home Remedies over Commercial Products 

If you wish to use face masks (which you should), try to stick to home remedies over commercial products. Not only they will be much lighter on your pocket, but home made products are also organic and much gentler on your skin since they are free of chemicals. The internet is full of recipes made out of yoghurt, glycerin, lemon juice and orange peels that can be great healing agents for your skin.


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