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The Many Health Benefits of Sriracha Sauce

Originally from Southeast Thailand, sriracha sauce has made its way across the world to become one of the most popular and beloved table condiments. Garlicky, tangy, sweet and just the right amount of spicy, this red chilli sauce is not just incredibly tasty but a superfood powerhouse in its own right. Rich in vitamins, antioxidants and other healthy minerals, consuming sriracha sauce is a great way to keep your immune system healthy, enhance a fit lifestyle and aid good digestion. The many health benefits of sriracha sauce are derived from a blend of ingredients such as red peppers, tomatoes, apple cider vinegar and the health benefits of chillies. With so many to list, here we highlight the main health benefits of sriracha sauce.

The Health Benefit of Chillies 

There are different types of chillies included in any luxury chilli sauce worth its salt. Capsaicin, the agent that provides the spice kick in peppers, is known to reduce inflammation, boost metabolism by 8% and help stabilise cholesterol. The health benefits of chillies do not stop there. Chillies are an incredible source of vitamin C, with one tablespoon of superfood chilli accounting for 108% of the daily recommended intake. This type of vitamin is crucial to keep your body’s cells happy and healthy, and it’ll make your skin glow. There are also amazing mental health benefits to chillies. Capsaicin improves mood levels by releasing serotonin, and it helps your body produce dopamine to make you feel good. In short, the health benefits of sriracha sauce are as good for your body as they are for your mind.

The Ingredients Behind the Health Benefits of Sriracha Sauce 

If you’ve already had sriracha luxury chilli sauce, then you know garlic is a key ingredient. Garlic is packed with vitamin B and minerals like copper and iron, and its potent antibacterial properties make this powerful allium a great ally against illness. The combination of garlic and capsaicin, one of the major health benefits of chillies mentioned above, is great for the heart by reducing blood clots. The health benefits of sriracha sauce don’t stop there. Apple cider vinegar is renowned in households across the globe for its acidic goodness. It improves digestion and counterbalances any heartburns you could experience with sriracha luxury chilli sauce. Plus, apple cider vinegar has been linked to a better regulation of blood sugar and diabetes. Red pepper and tomato give the sriracha sauce its distinctive fiery red colour and add a bit of sweetness. They are largely responsible for the great health benefits of sriracha sauce. Both are jam packed with antioxidants, such as lycopene. This antioxidant is proven to prevent serious conditions such as cancer and reduces high blood pressure. Low in calories, red pepper is rich in vitamin A, a fundamental vitamin in keeping good eyesight. Depending on the additional ingredients and varieties, there are many other health benefits to sriracha sauce. Packed full with superfoods like guarana, maca, ginseng, inulin, fenugreek, and L-Arginine Chilli No. 5’s sriracha sauce is a healthy sriracha that doesn’t compromise on flavour.


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