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10 Things to Think About Before Buying Clothes Online

Online shopping isn’t always easy. Sometimes clothing doesn’t live up to expectations when it arrives on your doorstep, or you might even find out you've been sent the wrong size or it just doesn’t suit you. With that in mind, here are ten tips for an improved online shopping experience from THE-CØDED, an online shopping platform that allows clothing manufacturers to directly sell to customers for an equitable share of the profits.

Know your measurements 

It is important to know your measurements before ordering clothes online. Sizing can change from store to store, so knowing your measurements can make shopping online easier. Using a tape measure and keeping note of your key measurements like your waist, chest, hips and leg length is a good place to start. It may be a good idea to keep these details on your phone so they’re always just a few clicks away.

Charles Tyrwhitt
Charles Tyrwhitt

Check the size chart 

Every store has a different way of sizing so it is important to always double-check a website’s sizing chart before ordering. Just because you order a medium in one brand doesn’t mean you’ll be a medium with other brands. Before you purchase anything, have a look at the store's sizing chart to make sure you’re getting the best fit for your body. 

Plan what outfits you can wear your new clothes with 

Everyone is guilty of an impulse buy - you see something you really like online and the next thing you know it's arrived and you realise you have nothing that goes with it. Next time you see something you really like online, think about clothes you already have in your wardrobe and plan outfits around it. This will make sure you get the most out of your clothing, old and new. 

Think about where your clothes come from 

Not every brand is transparent with where their clothing comes from and who makes it. It can be hard to find out information about who really made your clothes and how the workers are treated. Findings from the Clean Clothes Campaign showed that garment workers rarely earn more than 3% of what the garment is sold for. With that in mind, it’s well worth doing your research to find out more about the processes individual brands use when it comes to producing the clothes they sell. Take a look at online sources, such as Good On You, to find out how individual brands are rated when it comes to their ethical and sustainable practices.

Hamilton and Hare
Hamilton and Hare

How often will you wear it? 

Before you hit the 'add to basket' button, think about how often you’ll wear the item of clothing. Pausing before buying encourages you to think about your clothing purchase and how often you’ll actually want to wear the clothing once it's in your wardrobe. 

Think wardrobe staples 

There are some items of clothing that never go out of fashion, like a smart black suit or a plain white tee. These are items that are versatile and can be worn all year round, and are worth investing in. It’s something that is guaranteed to get a lot of wear. 

Check the material 

Before purchasing clothing online, it's worth checking the material. This can help you decide if it's a good fit for you and your wardrobe. There is nothing worse than ordering an outfit and the material makes you itch. Since you can’t get a grasp of what online clothing items feel like, take a look through your wardrobe and look at items you feel comfortable with and look at the material used so you know what you like (and what you don’t).


Make sure your card details are safe 

When you order anything online, you should always check your card details are safe. There are certain things you should look out for before buying. These include:

Checking if the URL starts with https:// - the ‘s’ on the end stands for secure. 

The padlock - some websites have a padlock symbol before the URL which means the site is secure. 

Valid certificate - if you click on the padlock on a website, you can find out if the site is secure with an SSL certificate. If it says there’s an issue, it is best to avoid the site. 

Check the website’s return policy 

Every website has a different returns policy, so it's best to check it before you order something. Some websites also have different policies for sale products, so it is always best to double-check the information regarding their returns policy. 

Stay within your budget 

It is easier said than done but staying within your clothing budget is really important. If you only have a budget of £100 and your basket is at £150, it is best to look through your basket and note which items you really like. If you still want the other items from your basket, you can always go back and buy them at a later date.

Marloe Watch Company
Marloe Watch Company

No one likes waiting in line at the post office to return clothes that don’t fit or are not what you expected. Taking your time to look at the products and brands before you buy can make sure you get what you really want and you can look forward to getting a lot of wear out of your clothing for years to come.


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