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7 Useful Hacks to Make the Tastiest Burritos at Home

Everyone loves a nice warm burrito for lunch or dinner. When you pack it with proteins, its versatile nature makes it the perfect meal for the whole family to enjoy. So if you are looking to make this wholesome meal of vegan burrito, the below hacks are sure to make it mouthwatering and delicious, all the while keeping it healthy.

Choose The Right Ingredients 

When it comes to matching against the traditional recipe of a burrito, you will need to copy some ingredients that can be replaced by the meats, yet give the same delicious flavour. Some of the best substitutes when you are planning to cook vegan burrito recipes is to use canned black beans, avocado, jackfruit and rice. The other general ingredients like bell peppers, olive oil, paprika, tomatoes, lettuce, and tortillas remain the same. Use spices such as garlic powder, paprika, lime zest, and red chili flakes as per your taste preferences.

Cook The Rice With Precision 

When you use rice as the main filling ingredient, you must make sure they come out fluffed and not sticky. There is a variety of rice you can use for your burrito that can keep it vegan. When using different types of rice, make sure to follow the correct cooking methods and always follow the instructions on the packet or recipe book. One of the key mistakes people make is to cook different types of rice in the same manner. For healthier options, you can use brown rice which is high in protein intake. 

Saute The Veggies Properly 

When you saute the veggies, it is important to do so properly so they do not lose their texture completely, otherwise the dish will become a gooey mess. To make sure they are not overly greasy and soft, start with heating the pan thoroughly and then add oil. Only after the oil is hot should you add the sliced veggies into it. Saute nicely for 10 minutes so that all the vegetables get slightly shriveled, and then season once they start to get slightly soft. Generally, the sauteed veggies include different types of bell peppers.

Make Guacamole At Home 

Store-bought guacamole is fine to use when you are running short of time. However, to bring out the best flavour in your burrito, you can make guacamole at home with some simple ingredients. The freshness of your guacamole will make a huge difference to the burrito. As it is not best to store it (because it goes brown very quickly), make sure you make enough for one-time consumption only. Use avocados that are not completely ripe but slightly soft when pressed, too. 

Assemble With Care 

The last thing you want from your burrito is for it to break when you try to eat it. Spoon the rice or other vegan filling right in the middle of the tortilla. Then add all the other toppings and slowly start folding it from the top and bottom by laying it down gently over the filling. Then roll up the wrap nicely using a foil. Cut it so that it doesn’t fall apart as you unwrap it when eating. You can also learn how to make homemade tortillas so that they can be soft and to your preference.

Storing The Leftovers 

When you have managed to make the best burrito filling and end up having an excess of it, you can store it for later use. Leftovers from burritos can be stored for up to 5 days. The trick is to put them in an airtight container and freeze it. If you have already made them into burrito wraps then tightly wrap them individually in foil and freeze them. However, when you want to eat it, leave it out for a few hours to defrost and then put it in the microwave or oven. Defrosting and heating it at the same time will make it lose its structure completely. 

Be Creative With The Fillings 

Burritos are a satisfying dish and you can make many variations of it by choosing different types of vegan fillings. Do not be shy to experiment when it comes to using new ingredients. Some inspirational fillings can be made using portobello mushrooms, white baked beans, tofu, and lentils. 

When it comes to these Mexican-inspired dishes, they can be very handy in impressing unexpected guests or even for a planned get-together. They are easy to whip up and can cater to any diet or palette.


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