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Are Golf Shoes Really Worth the Investment?

Any golfer - whether they’re new to the sport or a seasoned player - is always looking for an edge to help up their game. That’s why they’ll spend hundreds, sometimes thousands of pounds on new equipment. But while you might find it reasonable to hand over so much money for some decent clubs, one thing you might have second thoughts about is a set of golf shoes. Are they really worth it? How much difference can they really make? Probably more than you think.

Are golf shoes mandatory? 

Not always. For the most part you won’t have to wear golf shoes to play on a course. Some more exclusive courses will insist you do as part of their dress code, but more often than not you’ll get away with wearing trainers. But this isn’t recommended.


So why should you buy a pair of shoes just to play golf? 

Athletic footwear is always designed with the needs of the athletes in mind. And golf shoes are designed with the same principles in mind - to help the player perform better. There are many benefits to investing in a pair of golf shoes. 

They’re Comfortable 

Many beginners tend to wear whatever shoes they have when hitting the course for the first time, only increasing their chances of injury because their footwear isn’t appropriate. Investing in a good pair of golf shoes means you’ll be comfortable as you play thanks to the extra padding in the places you need it most. A round of golf can have you walking more than 5 miles, so you need something comfortable on your feet. 

You’ll have extra grip 

When you swing a golf club you shift weight and turn your body through the swing, if your feet aren’t gripped to the floor, you could shift position as you swing - which could take you off target. Golf shoes give you some extra grip to improve your swing and help improve your game.

They’re waterproof 

When you’re playing in wet conditions, having appropriate, waterproof footwear is a must. If the course you’re playing on has water hazards, then you’ll want to make sure you protect your feet. Even if you’re playing in wet conditions - or even early in the morning when there’s still dew on the grass - this could soak into your trainers and make your feet wet. And when you’re walking a long distance for a round of golf, the last thing you need is wet feet and the problems this can cause. 

You’re protecting your own shoes 

You can wear your own trainers if you want to, but you might ruin them. You’ll be walking around a lot on different surfaces - in sand bunkers, near water, etc. - making them look dirty and wearing them down little by little. While golf shoes are a bit of a bigger investment than regular, everyday trainers, they’ll last you a lot longer and could end up saving you a bit of money when it comes to buying replacements. Plus, it saves your other shoes for after your round and keeps them clean for when you go to the clubhouse for a drink after your game.


Isn’t there an alternative? 

If at first you feel more comfortable wearing your own trainers or even a pair of work shoes, you can. But there’s nothing like a good pair of golf shoes. You’ll really feel the benefits and be able to see how much they improve your golf game. Something important to consider is how often you’ll be playing. The more you play, the quicker your shoes will become worn, and if you’re wearing your own trainers or a pair of work shoes it’ll speed up the process. It probably isn’t worth investing in a pair if you only play once a week. 

Which golf shoes are best? 

There are lots of golf shoe brands on the market, and which are the best is all a matter of opinion and is down to your preferences and what level of support and comfort you’re looking for. Here are the top 5 brands right now to get your search started:



When you think of Adidas, golf might not be the first sport you associate with the brand. Many world-famous PGA tour players choose golf shoes from Adidas, probably because they offer exceptional grip and unrivalled comfort. 


Not only do Callaway manufacture the best golf equipment in the world, but they also provide some of the best golf shoes at the most affordable prices. They tick all the boxes in terms of style, comfort, and support. 

Duca Del Cosma 

Established by Italian designer Baldovino Mattiazzo and his wife Antje Elle, Duca Del Cosmas golf shoes not only look great, but they offer exceptional comfort and performance. You’re guaranteed to stand out from the crowd with these ones.

Duca Del Cosma
Duca Del Cosma


Ecco has been providing top quality men's and women's golf shoes for over 50 years. Their golf shoe collection offers both spiked and hybrid styles that are anatomically constructed and ultra-lightweight - bringing you closer to the ground, increasing your power and stability. 


It’s no wonder why FootJoy is the most recognisable name in the golf shoe industry. They’re trusted by world famous players including Justin Thomas and Patric Cantlay, and FootJoy boast arguably some of the best mens golf shoes with their Pro SL Carbon model. Even though it’s spineless, it still offers incredible grip, stability, and comfort. 

Spikes vs non-spike shoes 

Spiked shoes can help keep your feet firm on the ground and make for a stable shot, but lots of golf courses don’t allow players to wear spiked shoes on their greens. This is because they have the potential to do some serious damage, which can take a lot of time and money to repair. Instead, they’ll ask you to wear shoes that have softer plastic cleats, or better yet, spikeless golf shoes. This is something important to consider before you go shopping for your perfect pair. Spiked shoes do provide a little more traction and stability than spikeless styles, especially in wet and rainy conditions. However, most of today’s spikeless golf shoes can prevent rain and moisture from getting in while keeping your feet dry at the same time. Not all include breathable materials though, so if it’s something you’ll need (you most likely will) make sure to investigate this as well.


Golf shoes are an investment worth making 

If you’re just getting a set of clubs to take to the driving range once a week, then maybe golf shoes aren’t worth the investment. But if you’re spending money to play and are committed to the sport, then a pair of golf shoes can help make your experience more enjoyable; helping with your swing and helping you spend less time in the rough.


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