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How to Dress Well Regardless of Age

Men like to look good just as much as women always have done, and more men are beginning to get used to the idea of dressing to their correct age. In fact, we are even seeing many dads look to invest in baby boutique clothing for their little boys, to get them started on the style stakes sooner rather than later. Dressing your age is not always something with hard and fast rules, but with each decade that passes there is a new opportunity to add some sense of style to what you are wearing. If you dress too young you may not look as dapper as you think, dress too old and people will wonder where you are getting your threads from. Here then are some tips on dressing well regardless of your age.

Always Feel Comfortable 

No matter what age you are or what kind of clothing you like to wear, it is critical that you always feel comfortable in what you are wearing. This is not the same as wearing those comfy, baggy clothes in the home, leisurewear has its own category. This is more about making sure that you enjoy what you are wearing, that it fits you and that you can move around without the need to constantly pull clothing around or feel self conscious about your style choices.

Trunk Clothiers
Trunk Clothiers

Consider More Than Clothing 

Your style is not just about the clothes you wear, but how you combine the clothes which you are wearing to your overall look. If you are young with an athletic body and a sharp hairstyle, then feel free to experiment with a range of styles. Alternatively, if you are in your early 40s with a dad-bod and greying hair, shape that hair up and look to wear smart/casual garments which don’t hide your body, but will instead compliment it. The whole idea of style is about making a look your own, and that includes hair, body and the clothing choices you make. 

Invest in Multifunction 

You don’t have to break the bank on a new wardrobe each time you reach a new milestone, the key is investing wisely. This is why you should be looking to splash out on pieces which can easily be combined with multiple style options. For example, a high-quality blazer or sports jacket can work with a number of looks. This is where your money should be going, in long lasting items of high quality, which can be worn with a variety of style choices.

Joseph Cheaney
Joseph Cheaney

Make Sure It Fits 

Teenagers may be able to get away with throwing on just about anything but the older we get the more refined we should become. This is why it is important that clothes actually fit you well, this is half the battle when it comes to being stylish. Ill-fitting clothes do not look good in the main, and the older you become the more you should be looking to have clothes which look as though they are tailored just for you. 

Get inspiration from fashion magazines and people you see on the street when it comes to nailing your look, no matter how old you may be.


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