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Friend Getting Married? How to Throw the Perfect Stag Party

If you have a friend that is getting married, you will undoubtedly have a surge of excitement throughout your friendship group. One of the most common things will be how to celebrate and commemorate the news, which translates to a bachelor party. This can involve many things, and it is important to understand just how to throw a perfect party that is fun and memorable.

Planning What The Groom Wants 

When you are planning a stag or bachelor party for your friend, one of the most important things that you need to consider is what they like and what they would likely want to do. You should brainstorm ideas on what your friend will enjoy because ultimately, this night is about celebrating him and his milestone in life. If your friend enjoys a quieter night in with some board games, you shouldn’t try to push a night out at a gentlemen's club or casino, or vice versa. Of course, being a friend of the groom-to-be, you will have an idea of what their interests are. Just remember that it is his night and you should make him the focus.

Inviting The Right Friends 

Any party is incomplete without the people to celebrate with. Make sure that when you are planning a party, you invite all the people that are important to your friend. You'll want to surround your friend with the people that he wants to share this time with. A party can easily be ruined or simply made inferior by forgetting to invite certain people, or inviting people that the celebrant is not close with or does not wish to celebrate with. The last thing you want is to go on a trip with a group of friends, only to find out that certain friends don’t actually get along, or specific people weren’t going to be invited to the wedding itself. 

Choosing The Right Place, Destination, Or Venue 

Planning a bachelor party involves many aspects. One of the important decisions that you need to consider in the planning is the destination. This will vary from situation to situation, whether you are trying to get away for a small surf vacation or simply exploring options for a day trip or night out on the town. You want to plan the destination, including things like hotels, restaurant reservations, club bookings, as well as coordinate times and schedules between your events to ensure everything runs smoothly. Consider doing research on not only individual activities, but find out more about packages that are offered by various sources that can help save you time and money when it comes to planning. You want to ensure that you are prepared well in advance, making sure the day, night, or trip is memorable and without any hitches.

Budget And Costs 

Consider the party and what you are planning and if it meets your criteria in terms of budget and costs. Depending on what you are planning and what the groom would like to do, things can easily get pretty expensive if you are not careful. Determine how much it will cost each person, making sure everything that needs to be paid for in advance is taken care of. This can be a sore spot for people and friends, especially for more luxurious or expensive parties or experiences. One thing to heavily consider is if you will be paying for the groom and his expenses. If it is a night out or an activity that is rather low-key, it is common practice to cover his costs. Of course, if you are planning a getaway trip, it would be much more expensive and understandable that they pay for themselves. However, planning and budgeting in advance are still significantly helpful, taking the stress of organising away from the groom-to-be. 


Stag parties can often get out of hand, involve situations or even substances that can lead to poor judgment and reckless behaviour. It is important that you have your fun in a responsible manner to prevent undesirable situations, whether that means celebrating together in a controlled setting or having a designated person to watch over others in a more sober and in control state. If your party involves alcohol or other substances, whether overseas or local, you need to ensure that everyone stays safe to keep the party enjoyable and prevent things from getting out of control.

Parties are a great way to celebrate different occasions, and the news of a marriage is a perfect situation for such an event. There are many different aspects to consider, and you will want to ensure that you plan accordingly. Whether you are planning as a group or trying to create a surprise, preparation is key to make sure everything runs smoothly for the celebrations.


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