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A Useful List of Fun Things to Do in Florida

Have you been to Florida? Florida has a lot of great things to do. If you live there, or sometimes visit there in the summer, it's impossible to know everything about what you can do with your free time there. It's a large area, but here are some fun things to do in Florida.

Stay in one of the magnificent hotels

There are water parks to be found everywhere you go, but one of the best water parks is right inside a hotel. Imagine staying at water park hotels in Florida and then walking over to the water slides that run into the pool. You can also take a dip into the pool or water play areas with all the water slides. Some waterpark hotels in Florida even have water parks attached to them, so you'll never have to leave. If you aren't looking for water parks, there are regular hotels with water slides too. They are less common, but they do exist in places like Florida.

Go to an amusement park

Going on water rides at amusement parks is another water-related fun thing to do in Florida. The water rides differ depending on the park, but there are water-themed roller coasters and water slides at almost every water park. You should go to an amusement park when you visit Florida from out of state or from your country. You can also plan for an amusement park trip before going so you know what to do during the day once you get there. If you are planning to go on an amusement park trip, make sure that everyone in your group is ok with the rides and know where the best places to stay are. It would be very inconvenient if someone were afraid of heights or did not like roller coasters, for example. You also want everyone to have fun, so you cannot choose all the roller coasters that are too scary for certain people. If you do not want to go on water rides or roller coasters, then non-water-themed amusement parks may be more suitable for you. 

Go paintballing 

Paintballing is so much fun when you play it with friends who are up for the challenge. It's kind of like a laser tag, except no laser guns are used. Paintballs covers targets with paint, and you get a point for every time you hit a target. You can play it in an outdoor or indoor arena, depending on where the activity is located. If you enjoy this, then paintballing is ideal for your next vacation downtime activity.

Join the Coconut Grove Art Festival 

Coconut Grove Art Festival takes place at Coconut Grove in Miami, Florida. The festival is a great way to spend a day for anyone who loves art. The event usually takes place in November and lasts four days. Many booths are selling unique pieces from artists worldwide, so you have to be ready to walk around a lot because there's so much to see. 

Buy A Dolphin 

If you're an animal lover, then you can purchase a dolphin while. You get to have the animal in your possession for anywhere between three days or five years, depending on what you want to do with it. If you want them to take care of the animal for you, it's only going to cost around $5,000 to have it taken care of. You can also get them to take the animal back to where it came from if that's what you want to be done with the animal. 


Carnival is a party full of fun things. There are games there for children and adults alike. You can play games all day long with prizes if you beat the level that they are on. There are also rides for kids, adults, and families that want to go together. It's a great place to have fun with your friends or family, so be sure to check out this option when you're planning your next vacation to Florida. If you want to go out and have some fun, then check out these ideas. They are all great for stress relief or just a way to have fun in your downtime when you aren't working.

Disney World 

When you visit Florida, one of the top places to go is Disney World. There are so many fun things for kids to do there that they'll never get bored. You can take your children or grandchildren on rides that they will love or play games with them in the parks that are kid-appropriate but still fun. They can even meet their favourite characters without having to fly out to LA or New York City. Disney World is also an excellent place for adults too. There are fun things for adults, including the ability to be turned into one of their favourite Disney characters or watch some shows that you grew up with as children. Some magnificent shows and events will make you feel like a kid again, so check out the choices when planning your vacation. 

Go to Universal Studios 

Don't go on this trip without checking in here. It's always good to go on rides at Universal Studios. Here you can enjoy the thrill of rides like The Rip Shaw, Hollywood Rip Ride Rockit, or even face your fears on Revenge of the Mummy. If you are lucky enough, you might see your favourite stars while they are filming something like Victorious, for instance (it's filmed in Florida). But do not hold your breath because this is very rare. However, if you do get to see them, then you'd better say hello! And be sure to take a picture with them for evidence once you get back to the office.  

Visit the Bok Towers

Check out the Bok Tower in Lake Wales, Florida. Originally built as a book tower in the 1920s for Edward William Bok, it is now open to the public and contains many rare manuscripts inside. It's completely free, so feel free to check it out, and there's plenty of fun things to do nearby too.

When you visit the state of Florida, you should come prepared to do lots of fun things. You can choose from a list of options that include party rentals and carnivals full of games. There are also places like Disney World where you can go on rides and meet your favourite characters. It's always best to make sure you have a little excitement on your holidays.


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