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6 Tips on Selling Your Car Before Moving Abroad

Making the decision to move abroad is far from an easy thing to do. Before you jump from the UK to a country of your choice, there are many considerations, including what to do with your vehicle. Here are six tips to help you to sell your car before moving abroad.

1. Do any needed quick fixes 

A dirty, messy or scratched car is likely to receive a lot less interest than a clean, well-kept one. Your first step when selling your car is to do any quick fixes. Empty your glove box and clear anything from the floor and door pockets. Give it a quick vacuum and attempt to patch clean any stains on the upholstery. If there are any significant scratches on the paintwork, using t-cut scratch remover could help improve the vehicle’s appearance, thus raising interest in it. 

2. Find out your car’s true value 

Before selling any vehicle, it is vital to ensure you know how much money it is worth. Without this information, it is likely that you will be underpaid. An online tool to help to value your car will be of utmost importance to you. Without knowing its true value, you may be prepared to settle for a lower price and in doing so, lose out.

3. Private or dealership? 

When it comes to selling cars, there are numerous ways of doing so. Selling privately is something that requires a lot of patience. You may get many people enquiring and organising to view your motor. However, the number who actually show up when you’re expecting them is usually considerably less. Going to a dealership is usually a much more convenient way of selling your car. 

4. Sort out the paperwork 

Paperwork can be the bane of people’s lives. And even more so if it’s not done properly. When you are selling your car, it is vital that you ensure the car is officially transferred to its new owner. If not done properly, you may find yourself receiving fines. And with you living abroad, the chances are that they will take a lot longer to reach you, and by then, you may find yourself having accumulated even larger fees. 

5. Don’t sell too early 

If the last couple of years have taught us anything, it’s that we ought not to take anything for granted. Selling your car too early could mean that you are left without any mode of transport if anything gets delayed with your move. Until you have your plane or train tickets in your hand, an official moving date and your first day of work sorted, it is not advisable to get rid of your wheels. Life could become much more challenging if things don’t go to plan. 

6. Inform your insurers 

As well as transferring the car into the new owner’s name, you should let your insurance company know that you have sold the car. Under some deals, the insurers may even refund some of your annual fee because the policy will no longer be active. If you don’t ask, you don’t get. It is certainly worth enquiring.


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