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How to Wear Diamonds Without Being Obnoxious About It

For a lot of people, wearing diamonds can actually be stressful and challenging because they want to be able to enjoy the jewelry that they own but they don’t want to come off as someone trying to flaunt what they have. When you are wearing precious metals and stones it is challenging to not be noticed. There is no way to completely eliminate the possibility of people thinking that you are trying to show off, but there are a few things that you can do to make the look a statement of style rather than making it a statement about the price of the things you are wearing.

Mix Metals 

If you are wearing just pure gold it is going to be the main thing that people notice and focus on. To make it less overbearing, you can mix metals and layer the patterns to make the golden colour a part of the overall look. This is a great way to make it less about the gold and more about the combined look of the different metals together. If your gold chain has diamonds in it, this technique will also help camouflage the precious stones. You can pair diamond and gold chains with silver chains and other stones to create a more colourful and varied neckpiece.

Try New Jewelry 

If you have been wearing the same kind of fancy jewelry for a while now, chances are that people have already noticed it and it is starting to become something that you are known for. Certain things, such as wedding rings, are known to have genuine diamonds or to be made of real gold. If you don’t usually wear CaratLane diamond nose pins this can be a new way to wear your favourite stones and not have them stand out as much. Generally, nose pins are not considered a piece of jewelry that would have very expensive stones or metals. It can also be a change of look for you and a fresh addition to your wardrobe. 

Use Your Clothes 

Your clothes play a big part in your overall look, and they can also be used to enhance your jewelry. If you can smartly pair clothes with jewelry you can help minimize the loud look of diamonds. Wearing darker colours with white diamonds will naturally make them stand out more, so consider lighter colours, especially during the day. If you wear the right colour combinations you can make your diamonds seem like part of the look or you can completely camouflage them. The main objective is to get a homogenous final look. If anything pops out too much it will gain attention and make the rest of your attire seem out of place.

If you are going to be wearing diamonds, then choose the occasion wisely. Sometimes it is best to omit diamonds altogether; in other cases, you could wear your entire diamond collection and not stand out like a sore thumb. Certain events, times of day, and even places are better suited to particular kinds of jewelry. If you want to keep a low profile, try diamonds in other colours than the standard crystal white. Coloured diamonds will blend better with your clothes and be less prominent in your outfit.

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