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The Ultimate Summer Style Guide for Men

As the sun begins to peek out from behind the winter clouds, it finally feels like summertime is within reach. If you’ve already started daydreaming about warmer days, beach trips and your favourite summer activities, you’re not alone. It’s a great feeling to have something to look forward to, whether you’re planning some solo summer chill sessions, crossing a few things off your summer bucket list with your best friends or a little of both. No matter what you plan on doing this summer, now is the time to start building your perfect wardrobe for the upcoming season. Here’s the only men’s style guide you’ll need in order to look great all summer long.

Summer Must-Haves 

Get ready to have a wardrobe that wants to do as much as you do over the course of the summer season. In order to have the perfect outfit for every summer activity, you might want to take inventory of what you already have and make notes of what definitely needs replacing. Looking for some men’s swimwear to replace your old trunks? How about a few new accessories to go with your go-to summer shorts and linen shirts? Find inspiration for these (and much more!) below.


Chambray: This lightweight alternative to a denim jacket is perfect for summertime. In case you didn’t know, chambray is a woven cotton fabric that usually comes in a light blue colour, making it look like your favourite pair of perfectly distressed jeans. Unlike traditional denim, chambray is super thin, though both fabrics are breathable and able to help keep you cool on a hot summer day. Pair your chambray button-up shirt with khaki or neutral-coloured shorts for the perfect everyday casual look. A chambray shirt also pairs well with your favourite men’s swim shorts for a look that can take you from the beach to bar or cafe instantly. 

Linen Everything: This fabric is number one for giving instant effortless vacation vibes. Much like cotton, linen is one of the most popular summer fabrics. It is woven with a lighter, more separated stitching so air can pass through easily and heat can escape instead of being trapped close to you. Pair a linen shirt and cotton shorts together for a casual, heatwave-friendly outfit. For nicer occasions, a crisp linen shirt with lightweight wool or synthetic blend pants is always a winner. 

Summer Sneakers: If winter has inspired you to go dark or heavy with your sneaker choices, this is your sign to switch to a light and bright pair in anticipation of the warmer months. Summer sneakers can really take a warm-weather outfit to the next level, even if they’re super simple. When shoe shopping, make sure to be on the lookout for a lightweight, non-bulky pair of sneakers in white, off white, beige, light blue or light grey. A soft-textured or canvas pair can take you from a casual happy hour to the boardwalk and beyond when paired with your usual beachwear, while a leather or vegan alternative option can elevate a trousers and collared shirt outfit for dinner or a night on the town.

Luca Faloni
Luca Faloni

A Summer Suit: Do you have a wedding or special event coming up this summer that requires you to put on something a little more polished? You’ll need a suit that fits you well and is made using materials that won’t make you sweat in church. Keep any thick wool suits in storage for holiday parties and New Year’s Eve, because these are only going to make you feel hotter. Instead, go for a suit made from linen, cotton, cotton blends or a very light wool or merino wool blend. If the wedding or event is inside or it’s only moderately hot outside, you should be good with any of these fabrics. However, if it’s an outside party and there’s no fan in sight, do yourself a favour and spring for a linen suit. You’ll look amazing and feel the difference. 

Warm Weather Accessories: Even if you don’t like to rock much jewelry or wear a bunch of accessories, you probably have a few extra things to go along with your summer outfits. In addition to summer shoes, your accessories can really elevate your outfit and make it feel more cohesive. Instead of a thick, dark leather belt, consider a lighter shade of leather or even a woven cotton version. 

Choose hats based on fabric thickness and how comfortable they feel when wearing them for extended periods of time outside. For extended sun exposure at the beach or pool, go for your favourite sunglasses paired with a quality rash guard made with SPF ability.



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