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The Best Campsites to Visit in Spain

The holidays are a great time for families and friends to go camping. This outdoor activity provides a refreshing bonding experience away from the daily hustle and bustle of life. Whether you are looking to find a mountainous hideout or retreat to the Oceanside, Spain offers some of the best places to go camping. The country prides itself on its epic getaway campsites which are both safe and aesthetically appealing. Campsites in Spain are a wonderful blend of sunlight, sandy seashores, mountains and fishing towns, and state-of-the-art resorts. These sites are especially good for parents seeking to teach their kids the cultures and traditions of the country while still having fun.

The best campsites in Spain 

Some campsites offer exciting activities such as swimming and clubbing, suitable for kids and adults. In your quest to find your camping in Spain for the holidays you might consider looking up sites that offer thrilling experiences. Below is a list of some of these campsites. 

Castell Montgri 

This campsite is located in Costa Brava, Estartit. The resort lies between the L’Estartit beach and the Rocamura Mountain. They offer various activities, which include; game tournaments, dance lessons, live shows and music, teenage tournaments, art workshops, archery, a football field, golf, table tennis, basketball, kayaking, bowling, a gym area, and a kid’s club. Although they do not allow pets into the resort, their services include; car rentals, bike rentals, baby kit rentals, a restaurant, a bar, and a mini-market. 

Playa Montgroig 

This site is located in Costa Dorado close to Cambrils. The resort is notable for its abundance of trees and greenery. The activities available onsite include; table tennis, football, archery, a fitness center, a playground for kids, children's tournaments, children's discos, dance lessons, yoga classes, beach soccer, plays, pool tables, and a volleyball terrain. The resort provides beauty treatments, manicures, hairdressing, massages, and jacuzzis for customers. Their services also extend to bars, supermarkets, restaurants, and rentals.

Bella Terra 

Located in Blanes, Costa Brava, this site is perfect for families or friends seeking a beach holiday. The resort offers outdoor entertainment such as; horse riding, paragliding, a mini-golf course, paddleboarding, a club for teenagers, theme parties, cocktail games, a fitness center, yoga classes, Zumba dance lessons, and game tournaments. Their facilities consist of two swimming pools, a water play area, a water slide section, a bubble bath, and of course, the sea. The services offered include rentals, a bar, a tobacco store, a supermarket, and a bakery. 

Playa Joyel 

This resort is situated in Cantabria, Noja, lying between the cities of Santander and Bilbao. This site does not only offer direct access to the beach but also contains a small zoo. The activities available include; a multisport ground, a badminton court, a skate park, a library, kayaking, horse riding, surfing, a mini-farm for kids and teenagers, and a fitness center. Just like Castell Montgri, this resort does not allow pets. But they offer access to the resort’s Wi-Fi, rentals, baby kits, a tobacco store, minimarket, restaurant, bar, a jacuzzi, hairdressing, and manicuring services. Read here for more information.


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