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9 Clothing Essentials Every Man Should Add to His Wardrobe

While fashion trends may often change, personal style is a different matter. Despite the various changes in men’s fashion, there are certain clothing essentials that will keep you looking fresh no matter what time of the year it is. From top-quality blazers to cashmere scarves, you will learn how to get your wardrobe ready for any occasion. These pieces will keep your wardrobe sharp in 2022 and beyond. Whether you are reworking your entire wardrobe or you are just filling in some gaps, you will be able to elevate your style. Below you will find nine foundational men’s wardrobe clothing essentials, that you don’t want to miss out on.

Top-Quality Blazer 

A blazer is the perfect piece for occasions when you want to look put-together, but a suit would be too formal. There are two major types of blazers you will find on the market including single- and double-breasted. Single-breasted blazers usually have one, two, or three buttons, and in some cases four or five. These blazers are suitable for many events, such as weddings or date nights, as they are comfortable to wear. In comparison, double-breasted blazers are made from a larger amount of fabric, which makes them far more formal. This means that they might not work as well for casual events.

40 Colori
40 Colori

Versatile Polo Shirts 

From sporting attire to leisurewear, men’s polo shirts can be paired with a variety of wardrobe items, such as shorts, jeans, and sweatpants. Their versatility is what makes polo shirts a perfect staple to add to your wardrobe. At Orlebar Brown, you can find a great selection of designer polo shirts, which combine thoughtful construction and classic design. They are crafted from superior fabrics to help you take advantage of all style possibilities. Regardless of your age or body type, anyone can benefit from this timeless wardrobe piece. A good quality polo shirt should fit you perfectly and enhance the good aspects of your physique.

Classic Black Suit 

Whether it is for a black-tie event or a wedding, a classic black suit is an important part of your tailoring collection. However, a poor fitting black suit is one of the worst looks, as the whole purpose of a black suit is to look sharp and crisp. Therefore, a slim fit is best, but if the construction is too light, it will look casual. This core piece is something you will revisit time and time again, so you will need to find one that stands the test of time. While a ready-to-wear black suit may work fine, a made-to-measure suit is usually the best option.

Orlebar Brown
Orlebar Brown

A Selection Of White T-Shirts 

White T-shirts are often considered to be fashion’s safest bet, as they can be paired with other items easily. For example, they can be worn under a suit or with a pair of jeans in any colour. The best material you should look for is cotton due to its breathability, durability, and light weight. As white T-shirts are prone to stains, it is crucial to stick to the label instructions and always keep whites separate from colours when washing them. There are many ways to wear a white T-shirt, so it is best to experiment and find the best options for you. 

Casual Denim Jacket 

The biggest advantage of a denim jacket is its layering potential in different seasons. For example, it is perfect for the summer on days when you still want some extra warmth, as well as during colder months. When worn well, denim jackets can be adopted in a way that looks both natural and sharp. When it comes to choosing the perfect denim jacket, you don’t want it to be too tight or too baggy. A well-fitted jacket should allow you to cross and swing your arms comfortably. Also, although denim jackets can be found in a variety of colours, blue remains the most versatile option.

Son of a Tailor
Son of a Tailor

Leather Gloves 

Every man should own a quality pair of leather gloves to add a touch of sophistication. While cotton gloves can barely provide insulation and mittens may not help elevate your style, leather gloves are the perfect choice. As with anything, there are multiple styles and colours to choose from, so it boils down to your personal preference. You can explore different dress leather gloves or even driving leather gloves. Remember that the sizing of gloves often changes with manufacturers, and you will need to spend some time finding the right size. 

White Sneakers 

White sneakers are a practical option, as they can complement any outfit and help you level up your style. Moreover, the state of your white sneakers can be a good marker of your sense of style. For example, if you are going for a casual summer outfit, keep your white sneakers lean and slim looking, and wear them without socks. Also, they can offer a light escape from an all-black look, which can feel a bit heavy at times. To achieve the best results with this look, keep unnecessary items away and choose symmetrical jackets and coats.


Stylish Belt 

Belts are one of those accessories that can make a huge difference to your style, once you find the perfect one. A belt can be useful in more than just keeping your trousers in place. It can also add a touch of personality to any outfit. For example, if worn with a tucked-in trouser, it can actually become the cornerstone of your look. Depending on your needs, it is best to have several types of belts in your collection. Just as you have different shoes for casual and formal occasions, belts also have various styles to choose from. 

Cashmere Scarves 

One of the best ways to give your style an elegant upgrade is to add a cashmere scarf, which can brighten up your outfit. Whether you prefer a plain or patterned design, cashmere scarves can offer both style and comfort to any man. If you are looking to add accents with a light scarf, then a thin cashmere scarf will add colour to your outfit. Alternatively, you may want to go for a loop scarf where the two ends are connected or a triangular scarf for extra volume. Also, depending on how tall you are, you can choose between shorter or longer models.

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