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Top 4 Alternatives to Coffee for Energy and Focus

Coffee is the morning beverage of choice for many of us who need a little help waking up and tackling the day. However, there is one downside to drinking coffee: its high caffeine content might trigger anxiety or a jittery feeling in some of us more than others. If you depend on coffee to start your day but struggle to focus once the caffeine fully hits, maybe it’s time to consider some coffee alternatives. Here are some options that will help kickstart a productive day without any jitters.


Tea is naturally lower in caffeine than coffee, automatically making it less likely to give you that jittery, anxious feeling. But drinking tea doesn’t mean you’ll sacrifice the energy-boosting benefits of coffee. Plus, you might notice that tea is better for helping you focus.


Matcha tea is a type of green tea that has recently become extremely popular among those looking to switch up their coffee habit. Matcha is brewed using the entire tea leaf, which isn’t the case for other types of green tea. Because of this, matcha is slightly higher in caffeine (but still lower than coffee), and has a higher concentration of flavonoids, which act as antioxidants. These flavonoids and amino acid L-threonine help with focus by targeting certain neurotransmitters that help you relax without making you feel drowsy. 

Adaptogenic Mushroom Teas 

Adaptogenic mushrooms are often consumed in the form of tea. Lion’s mane is known particularly for the way it benefits the brain and digestive system. People who incorporate lion’s mane tea into their daily routine may experience improved mental clarity and focus. Cordyceps is another adaptogenic mushroom that can be consumed as tea. It may help with energy by improving blood flow and how the body utilizes oxygen.


It sounds a little counterintuitive, but exercise can actually boost your energy. First, it stimulates certain chemicals in the brain to improve your mood, reduce anxiety and clear your mind. Exercise also gets the blood flowing. This brings more oxygen and other nutrients to your brain, muscles, and other tissues, which helps you feel more awake and energized. If you want to sub exercise for your morning coffee, it doesn’t need to be anything intense. All you need for this benefit is to get your heart rate up. Even starting the morning with a short walk can boost your energy for the day. Likewise, an afternoon stroll may rejuvenate you even more than your 2pm latte. 


Meditation is helpful for much more than relaxation. Using a guided practice or your own ritual to center yourself can actually help you reign in the energy you have scattered over multiple tasks or worries, so you have more energy to tackle your to-do list one thing at a time. Every time you practice meditation, you’re practicing concentration on your breath, a certain mantra, or maybe both. Over time, your brain improves its ability to focus not just during meditation, but in daily life too. Research is limited on how meditation helps with energy levels, but one study found that 25 minutes of Hatha yoga and mindfulness meditation improves brain function and energy levels, at least for a short period immediately following the practice.

A Natural Energy Supplement 

If you’ve tried the other alternatives to coffee for energy and focus and just feel like you need more, a wellness supplement for energy will do just the trick. Something like Naked Fire Shot from Naked Nutrition has clean, premium ingredients and no unnecessary additives. Not only will it boost your energy, but it has other benefits too. Some of the key ingredients include green coffee beans for a steady boost of energy with no jitters, organic Panax ginseng for energy, improved brain function, and antioxidant properties. Energy supplements are unique because they’re so convenient. You get exactly what you need in one small shot-sized serving. You can take it on the go, take half if you just need a small energy boost, or mix it with a sports drink for a milder taste. 

There’s no shame in having a cup of coffee each morning. However, for some people, the negative side effects like increased anxiety or the jitters outweigh the caffeine benefits. If you’re finding yourself energized but struggling to focus after you drink coffee, the alternatives listed in this article might help you find that sweet spot of energy and focus with no jitters.


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