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Accessories That Elevate Any Man's Outfit

Fashion is not just about clothes. Men's accessories are crucial elements that reflect personality, social position, and even emotions. Small pieces like jewelry can transform an ordinary look into a true expression of individuality and sophistication. Using the right accessories can turn the most basic pieces of clothing into an unforgettable outfit. Next, you will discover which accessories to include in your outfits and transform your style.


If we traveled back in time, we would see how jewelry has been essential in men's clothing since ancient societies. These accessories for men were a clear representation of status, bravery in battle, or royal lineage. From war bracelets to crowns and diadems, jewelry has been intrinsically linked to male identity. However, for years men's fashion was dominated by sobriety, but recently it has experienced an explosion of creativity. Men's accessories are no longer secondary, and jewelry, in particular, has become the centerpiece. So, how to include them in your outfit? Everything will depend on your style. You can wear diamonds in your earrings, bracelets, rings, or even earcuffs if you do not want to pierce your ears. You can always opt for lab grown diamond earrings, which look exactly like traditional diamonds, if you are concerned about the ethical origin of your jewelry.

- Serge DeNimes
- Serge DeNimes


This one might be the most practical accessory of all. Bags are a smart way to carry various small things. Some are intended for a single purpose, such as laptops or toiletry bags. While others, such as backpacks or travel bags, can be used for multiple purposes. Bags are available in various materials. Each one has pros and cons. Leather conveys luxury, canvas toughness, cotton sustainability, and polyester an adventurous spirit. You should pick yours according to your needs and your day-to-day challenges. For example, if you go to university, you will not need the same bag as if you were going trekking with your friends. Do not take the choice of your bag lightly. If you choose the bag with the proper material, you will probably keep it for years. 


Belts are strips of leather or canvas with a specific design to be inserted into the loops of jeans or dress pants. But they can do much more than keep your pants in place. The color can enhance your suit or other accessories, and the metal buckle can complement your watch, rings, and necklaces. It should always match the other leather pieces (like shoes and a bag, for example) if it is a leather belt. If it is canvas, its color must match the others of the suit. Additionally, it should always match the other leather accessories, such as shoes or a bag, if the belt is made of leather. In case the belt is made of canvas, its color should match the rest of the suit.

- Bennett Winch
- Bennett Winch

Bow Ties 

Bow ties are strips of fabric placed under the collar of your shirt and tied in the front, covering the top button. Did you know that there are wooden bow ties? They are so much fun and will make you stand out from the crowd at your next formal event. There are also cotton, silk, and polyester bow ties (among other fabrics) in an extensive variety of colors if you do not want something too flashy. You have to ask yourself: Pre-tied or classic? Or how can I get a matching sash? Remember that at a formal event, there will be many other men with bow ties, so you should make sure yours represents your personality. 


Hoop and stud earrings are designed to pass through a pierced hole in your ear (or any other body part). In the case of hoops, the rod is inserted into a hole on the opposite side of the ring, completing the circle. For stud earrings, the small clasp slides across the stem to secure the earring in place. Magnetic and clip-on earrings attach to your earlobe with a magnet or clip. They are a great alternative if you do not want to get holes in your ears. On the other side of the spectrum, you have stretcher earrings, plugs, and tunnels, all of which are designed to expand the earlobe and create space for larger jewelry. There is also a wide selection of fake plugs if you want to try the look without any commitment.

- Budd London
- Budd London

Hats and Caps 

Hats, caps, and berets are clothing items worn on the head to protect from the cold in winter and the harmful sun rays in summer, and to achieve a great look quickly regardless of your hairstyle. There are multiple options that you can use, no matter what time of year it is. For example, when it is cold, we lose heat from any part that is not covered, and this is usually the head. Hats are typically made from cotton, wool, felt, and leather, and provide superior style when paired with matching scarves and gloves. 

Pocket Squares 

Pocket squares are pieces of fabric made to decorate the breast pocket of suits or jackets. They are usually made of polyester, silk, or cotton, are available in many colors and patterns, and you can fold them in many ways. Pairing your pocket square with your tie, bow tie, or cravat and having these pieces complement the color scheme of your suit is the key to superior style. If you manage to fold one into a specific shape, you will be able to stand out even more.

- P&Co
- P&Co


They are long strips of fabric that you should wrap around the neck for warmth. Tube scarves have a closed cylinder shape and are placed across the head for the same purpose. Whichever option you choose, it will be much better than rubbing your ears on your shoulders for warmth. 


Men's accessories, in particular, jewelry and diamonds, are no longer taboo. They offer a platform for self-expression, to stand out, and to leave a lasting impression. In the modern era, where everyone celebrates individuality, men's accessories have become a must-have for the contemporary man.

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