Mens > mens bath body Glov GLOV Moon Pads (Pack of 5)

Glov GLOV Moon Pads (Pack of 5)

Glov GLOV Moon Pads (Pack of 5)

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Minimise your evening routine with the GLOV Moon Pads. The effective makeup remover pads take the day’s makeup off in a flash, with just water or your favourite cleanser. The reusable pads are a sustainable alternative to makeup wipes, many of which end up polluting the oceans. The pads are machine washable to allow for long-lasting effectiveness. Crafted from micro fibres that grab makeup particles, dirt, oil and impurities to provide a deep cleanse and exfoliation in one. The pads can be used to remove both face and eye makeup, with no chemicals. Ultra-effective makeup removal that’s gentle on skin, the Moon Pads offer a simple, sustainable alternative to traditional cleansing wipes.


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