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Mens > mens grooming Bakel Cool Eyes Anti-Ageing Cream 15ml

Cool Eyes Anti-Ageing Cream 15ml

Bakel Cool Eyes Anti-Ageing Cream 15ml

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Refresh and hydrate tired undereyes with the BAKEL Cool Eyes Anti-Ageing Cream . This anti-ageing eye cream applies with a fresh, cool texture to help de-puff and re-awaken the eyes. Synergised vegetal actives help to reduce the appearance of eye bags and dark circles while Albizia Julibrissin extract that reduces and minimises eye-swelling. The cream provides an instant revitalising effect to help you look more awake and alert, perfect for those early mornings! Darutoside combats the loss of tone and elasticity to improve firmness and decrease the appearance of wrinkles. The anti-ageing benefits of this wonder eye cream also derive from Saccharomyces Cerevisiae, a restorative extract that provides antioxidant benefits to help reinforce the skin’s natural defences against environmental aggressors such as harsh weather conditions and pollution, to maintain a youthful-looking complexion.


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