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Minetan MineTan Olive Self Tan Foam

Minetan MineTan Olive Self Tan Foam

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Achieve a deep golden glow without the harmful UV rays with the Original Self Tan Foam from Australia’s best-selling self-tan brand, MineTan . Loved globally by salons and self-tanners, the green base professional formula maximises your skin’s deepest potential, capturing your natural skin colour and amplifying it with an enviable radiance. Easy to apply and effortlessly enveloping skin evenly, the lightweight foam delivers a streak-free finish that looks natural (not orange!). Enriched with skin-loving Coconut Oil, antioxidants and Glycerin to extend your sunkissed glow, the moisturising foam delivers a picture perfect tan in an instant that continues to develop into a bronze finish without that unpleasant smell that often plagues self-tanning products. Suitable for all skin types. Contains 100% Natural DHA. Vegan. PETA-approved; cruelty-free. Free from parabens.


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