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Velvet Hand Lotion

Diptyque Velvet Hand Lotion

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The everlasting flower, a symbol of eternity and prosperity, became vital in Corinth, Greece, to the point that the streets and window ledges were strewn with the blossom as a sign of celebration. The light freshness of everlasting floral water, sesame oil and Roman chamomile floral water protect and regenerate the skin. Sweet almond, crisp petitgrain and Virginia cedar. Everlasting floral water (organic) regenerates skin and combats free radicals while repairing and protecting. Roman chamomile floral water soothes and softens. Sesame oil (organic) rich in fatty acids which moisturize, soften, and restructure the skin.

Diptyque Body Care formulas contain no parabens, phthalates, artificial colors, TEA, DEA, PEG, PPG, silicone, aluminum, or sulfates.


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